Youtube Sics Censors On Me

This is what confronted me when I logged onto my Youtube account:

Below is the video Youtube censored. As you can see the "gross-out" was a picture of a baby legally murdered in this nation, and the content of the video was my shocking inability to silently cope with the knowledge that I live in a nation that has legalized the slaughter of such babies. This, along with my apparent obsession with fighting the legalized murder of the least of God's children, gave Youtube, acting as the de facto censor for the vast majority of Americans, permission to shut me up.

Welcome the the United States of America after the jackbooted Fascist Communists have taken over.

Dead Baby On My Back Blues from Neal Horsley on Vimeo.

The only reason it's so easy for youtube to censor me is I have little money and no prince to protect me as Martin Luther had in his battles with entrenched Christian apostasy. Please help me resist this ever-growing censorship.

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