Warning To American Christians

What follows is a series of messages from Mike Chestovich to me, and my replies to Mike interspersed with my commentary about those messages that I sent to about a 100 people on my short list of Christian advisors I normally run my work by before I try to publish it to a mass audience.

The messages begin with a cry from Mike to me on June 15, 2011

>> losin my fuckin mind bro. This shits fucked up. Holy fuck man. Its all to much  well Gods people dont giva shit. i do but its hurting my family.
>> now i remember why i used to do dope, this is fucked up shit down here man. I can feel scissors in the back of my head right now. Fuck an A man

I replied:

>Mike,  The great temptation today comes when we realize that Christians who are surrounded by comfort and plenty are themselves slaves to sin.  Then we are tempted to say fuck it, if God will let them get away with such sin, why don't I just relax and do what I feel like doing?
> Mike it is Satan who says that, not because he used a bad word but because he is trying to make a ship wreck of you and your family.  It is the voice of Satan who will use the sin of others to give us an excuse to do that which we know in our hearts would dishonor the Lord Jesus Christ.  Only people who have been given the new heart in Christ, the heart God gives to those who are born again, will understand how important it is that we resist Satan when he tempts us with the knowledge of the sin of other Christians.
> It is before the Lord we must stand.  Not before any other man.  He will judge us on exactly how we responded to this most dangerous of all Satan's temptations: Satan's truthful accusations against the people who call themselves Christians.
> Don't look at Christians, Mike.  Put your eyes on Jesus Christ.  He is
> worthy to be praised.  He died so you could be a man of God.  Be one.
> Neal

Then I sent out Mike's message along with the above reply to my short list of Christian advisers with the following comment:

The battle Mike and his family are going through because Mike has tried to make resisting legalized abortion his first priority demonstrates how Satan lurks waiting to make shipwreck of the  people trying to abolish child sacrifice
in the USA.

As Mike is learning painfully, most Christians have no knowledge of this
painful and dangerous battle because Satan has no need to tempt them, having
already successfully brought them into his kingdom.

I wonder how many people who call themselves Christians understand that in
the meltdown of millions of people's lives all over this nation is the fact
that people who call themselves Christians, as Mike says, don't give a shit.

Then I received another message from Mike when he realized I was telling other people about the battle he was fighting. He said,

>>I really do feel scissors sometimes.
> when I see a newborn, I think of Haskell. When I see my four yr old I wonder if he will make it. When my wife talks to me Im thinking of my next move. I often see thru them. They deserve better. Pray for us, I have been you. Thanks Mike

I replied to Mike:

> God bless you Mike for being willing to be real.  Your willingness to
> truthfully expose the evil that surrounds you is your saving grace.  Don't forget it and don't ever let yourself be tempted to think what other
> people think.  Let's keep our minds on what the Lord Jesus Christ is
> thinking.  He feels the scissors too.  And wants it stopped.  God help us Lord.

Now here's what I say to you who are reading these messages between Mike and me:

Mike Chestovich is a prototypical abortion warrior.  He has been standing
outside abortion mills in Indianapolis for years begging mothers not to kill their children.

Recently the local authorities have begun to punish Mike.  Haskell is the
abortionist who owns that turf and presses charges.

Mike has a wife and young children: but the children being butchered in
those mills are part of his family, the part that is being butchered before
Mike's eyes.

Mike can't help believing Jesus Christ wants Mike to stop the babies from
being butchered.  But no matter what he tries, he is getting squeezed
tighter and tighter into a place where no matter what he does, he is being punished.

Read the messages in this thread and you will see that Mike is disturbed.

But is Mike crazy to be disturbed by what is happening in the towns and
cities of this nation?

I don't think so.  I understand Mike and why he is disturbed.  We relate
closely because we are both disturbed the same way.   We understand each other.

But we don't understand the rest of the Christians in this nation who do not appear to be disturbed.   And we know that raises even more disturbing questions.

How can Mike and I be so tormented by what is happening in his State and yet the rest of the Christians in this nation be going about business as usual?
Does that mean we are crazy?  Insane, as many of our enemies are quick to accuse us?

I talk to Mike about that and remind him that Satan is real, moving around us like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

But at the same time I talk to Mike I'm reminding myself: this is what is
happening in the United States of America; Satan is devouring this nation. What the rest of the Christians in this nation refuse to see is that as Satan manages to get mothers to kill their babies so they can be fed to Satan, the Christians in this nation are being devoured at the same time, devoured as surely as their witness to the truth is being devoured.

That is going to stop.  Christians will not be used this way by Satan, or
Jesus Christ will be proven to be a myth.

The only question I have is what will God have to do to stop this most
pernicious apostasy of the ages.

Wake up Christians: you don't want to see what God will do to you if He
catches you not being disturbed by the slaughter of the least of His
children--He is a consuming fire to those who offend Him, no matter what
most American Christians try to teach the world.


And finally my friend Brad Riegg responded to the above by saying: "Amen."

And sending me the folowing images plus one of my own:

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