(April 6,2010)

Update on Arrest for Allegedly Threatening Elton John.

From Neal Horsley.

Above is a picture of the sign Rob Rudnick, intrepid Horsley for Governor Volunteer, is taking to the highways, byways, hills and dales of Georgia. So the campaign continues even though virtually every Christian in Georgia has issued a collective yawn when Elton John, a Georgia resident, taught millions of people across America that the Lord Jesus Christ is a homosexual. A long time Georgia Christian pastor and one of my earliest mentors in the faith told me I was out of order to confront Elton John for his blasphemous lie against Jesus. "Jesus can take care of himself," my mentor told me. I replied, "Yes, Jesus can take care of Himself, but He said it was better for a person to be taken and drowned in the ocean with a millstone tied around their neck than to lead one of His little ones astray. And Elton John led untold multitudes astray."
So we got arrested for reminding Elton John about the wages his sin was going to earn him unless he repents.

Even though brother Jonathan O'Toole has been denied bond and remains in jail for only God knows what reason, I have been released to a modified house arrest.

Just to make sure you understand what I'm talking about, I'll recap. We were arrested for holding up a sign on a public sidewalk that contained the words, "ELTON JOHN MUST DIE HEBREWS 9:27". As any reasonable person will admit that sign is a direct application of the message in Hebrews 9:27 to Elton John. Such an application is necessary because Elton John told millions of people in a national magazine that the Lord Jesus Christ was a gay man. As every literate person in America knows, Elton John was thereby claiming that the Lord Jesus Christ engaged in homosexual actions with other men, actions that I will not herein specify but are well known to most Americans, actions which until this generation were illegal in virtually every State in the union.

But this message is not about perverted homosexual acts. Release from jail is an open door for me to try to tell the American people about the attack on the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ our arrest and jailing represents.

To hold up a homosexual Jesus before the world is to bring a different Jesus than the One revealed in Holy Scripture; and to pervert the Lord Jesus Christ into a shameless sinner like Elton John attempted to portray Him is to bring a different gospel as well, one that Paul says makes Elton John accursed (Gal. 1:8).

Remember the Lord Jesus Christ had this to say about such a situation as the one created by Elton John's blasphemy: "Then said he [Jesus] to his disciples, It is impossible but that offenses will come; but woe unto him through whom they come. It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea; than that he should offend one of these little ones."

If anyone on earth will experience a fate like the one defined by the Lord Jesus Christ, Elton John is a candidate unless he repents of what he did to the name and character and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In my lifetime a revolution has occurred in the USA. From a nation that allowed the teaching of the Jesus of Scripture, we have become a nation that countenances the replacement of the Jesus proclaimed by the Holy Spirit with the Jesus proclaimed by Elton John. Just as Elton John has committed the sin unto death, so too will this nation commit the same sin unless we the people repent; and instead of blaspheming Jesus, proclaim His Holy Name to the world.

There are many called but few chosen. For years I have known that God has chosen me to play a role in whatever God has ordained for the United States of America. Let the facts speak for themselves: there is nothing that can stop me from doing that which my God has chosen me to do. Therefore I am sending out the following message to all churches, the talk shows and other public media in an attempt to take advantage of my current release from jail. Please read it and let me know of any speaking opportunities you can find.

To Whom It May Concern,

I have participated in the redefinition of true threat in this nation. Over ten years ago I was labeled by the prosecution to be an unindicted coconspirator in the civil suit that began the redefinition of threat in this nation--Planned Parenthood of Willemette Valley v. ACLA. I am currently under indictment for creating a terroristic threat to Elton John. In this environment where hardly a day passes without some person or organization being arrested for terroristic threats, what better subject for discussion could there be from the pulpits or on air? Rev. Michael Bray, nationally known abortion abolitionist, Cathy Ramey, nationally known writer for "Life Advocate" magazine and myself can be available for speaking or live interviews. If you are interested, please contact me at nhorsley@wechooselife.net, or call me at 678 943 8340. For further information about who and what I stand for go to http://www.horsleyforgovernor.com.

Neal Horsley

P.S. If you can help me convince Alan Dershowitz to defend us, please do it. He's probably the best defender in the country, and the Christian lawyers shun me like they're supposed to shun the devil. Go figure.
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