Truth Trucks Run by Horsley for Governor Volunteers


(Christian Gallery News Service, July 10, 2010) This article began by being titled, "Truth Trucks Running for Governor for God". I realized that title says nothing about we are actually doing. There are as many "gods" in the minds of people reading the Internet today as there are people. Without specifying exactly which "god" is meant, no real communication occurs when the word is used. Of course the same thing can be said about the title I finally chose. There are almost as many "Jesus Christs" bouncing around in the minds of people as there are "gods". But that's why the Truth Trucks are an important, even essential, part of my campaign for Governor of Georgia.

Look at the pictures below--which only show part of the messages being conveyed by the Truth Trucks--and you will see that the messages go a long way toward defining what we mean when we use the word God and what we mean when we use the name of Jesus Christ.

Ron with truck

Ron Brock With Truth Truck

Right Side of Horsley for Governor Truck (usually driven by Rob Rudnick)

The trucks themselves are living fingers of God pointing Judgment and Condemnation on this present sinful nation. Without equivocation or fear, the trucks demand repentance.

But unlike the people who heard Peter preach the first gospel sermon on the day of Pentecost, the people of Georgia and the people of the USA--especially Christians--are not pricked in their hearts, they are not asking "WHAT MUST WE DO TO BE SAVED?"

Instead of asking the most important question in the universe, Americans ASSUME they are saved already. The "god" they worship, the "jesus" they claim to serve is supposed to have saved them already. That assumption is sustained even as each and every citizen of the United States of America collaborates with the legalized slaughter of the least of God's children TODAY. The assumption that we are saved occurs as the government that claims to be created in the name of we, the people, legalizes the abomination of homosexual relations. AND CHRISTIANS CONTINUE TO BELIEVE THEY ARE SAVED. Homosexual Christians like Elton John even stand up and tell millions of people that the Lord Jesus Christ was a homosexual. (Such people always speak of Jesus Christ in the past tense because they have no real sense of the Jesus Christ WHO IS ALIVE TODAY!

As the Truth Trucks are running for the Horsley for Governor campaign, every person in Georgia who sees the trucks is hit with the truth that the Lord Jesus Christ is not dead, is not "gay" and is going to destroy the United States of America unless a majority of we, the people of the USA, strong enough to nullify the evil federal laws making us all outlaws to the Kingdom of God repent.

Fact is, we are what repentance looks like.

When you see the trucks rolling, or parked, in Georgia at least have the grace to honk, or give a thumbs up. And in November write in Horsley for Governor. As Candidate Horsley explains clearly in the Newnan Prophesy, your refusal to support the strategy he embodies will be the last chance you and your children get from God to deliver the USA from Satan.

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