When Will Christians Be Arrested For Treason?


(Christian Gallery News Service, 12/22/2010) Matt Trewella, the pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church in Milwaukee, WI, recently wrote an article that forces every Christian in the USA who tries to understand the truth to wonder whether he will be arrested for treason.

Pastor Trewella's article was published on Dec 21, 2010 on Covenant News and entitled: Back the General as Lesser-Magistrate: Sodomy, a rogue Congress, and the Rule of Law.

Pastor Trewella is upset because the federal government of the USA has enlisted practicing homosexuals to serve in the military ostensibly organized to defend this land. He explained his opposition to sodomy as he calls it (current newscasters and teachers refer to such people as "gay") this way: "Our nation's evil Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama, said upon passage of repealing 'don't ask, don't tell' that allowing open sodomy would make the military more "professional." Pray tell - how does allowing one man to stick his penis into the rectum of another man make the military more "professional?" That's as absurd as Planned Parenthood always saying they're "for" the family while they kill family members...This edict is designed to demoralize and effeminize our troops. This is an act that an enemy power would make to subvert their foe, and make it more vulnerable to their designs."

Up to that point, Pastor Trewella had said nothing raising the question of treason. The question of arrest for treason is raised by what Pastor Trewella suggests be done in response to The President and Congresses collaboration with the sodomites. Pastor Trewella states, "If any general (or underling) stands in defiance of this immoral decree, those of us who love the only and true 'rule of law' need to support his efforts, even with our lives...If Congress and the President continue in their rebellion and anarchy, the military should consider declaring to them what the Roman General Pompey stated to the magistrates of Messana - 'Stop quoting laws to us, we carry swords!'"

Pastor Trewella does not try to hide his message in code. He says exactly what he means, "On Saturday, December 18, 2010, the U.S. Congress passed a law to homosexualize America's military - a raw attempt to further shove the filth of homosexual behavior down the throats of Americans. The military is right and just to disobey this immoral edict...made by a rogue U.S. Congress and signed into law by their commander-in-chief. That America's military men who disobey are just in their actions is sure...It is important that when a military man refuses to comply with Congress and the President and stands in defiance of this immoral law, that we rally behind him because what he is doing is right and just...If any general (or underling) stands in defiance of this immoral decree, those of us who love the only and true 'rule of law' need to support his efforts, even with our lives."

It does not take a political scientist or even a literate person to know that there are two possible outcomes of a military leader taking authority to nullify a duly authorized ORDER of the federal government of the USA. 1. Such a military leader will be killed and his forces destroyed; or 2. Such a military leader will have achieved political power in exactly the way Julius Caesar achieved political power in ancient Rome.

Pastor Trewella has put himself in harm's way by what he advocates because the history of the United States is clear on one thing: military coups do not happen here. Beginning with the Whiskey Rebellion during George Washington's Presidency, not one military coup has been successful in nullifying any federal law. In fact every attempt at military coup has failed abysmally. Not even military adventurers like William Williams and his ilk, who took their ambitions of military coups to banana Republics, found the power to be successful.

There is a reason all military coups fail in the USA. That reason is called the Constitution of the United States of America.

It is unnecessary to cite the reasons the Constitution becomes the only base of authority upon which effective citizen resistance to evil spawned by the federal government can be based. Citizens of this nation finally look to no other source of written authority. Only the raw sanction of battlefield settled principles can replace the Constitution in this nation.

So once we see that there can be no ruling power in this nation except a successful military coup or agreement on Constitutional answers to political question, it is necessary to explain how the Constitution of the United States authorizes a nullification of evil federal government laws.

The Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution states clearly that all powers not explicitly assigned to the federal government belong to the States or the people. It is that Constitutional provision that was understood to be the fail-safe mechanism of the government of the USA.

Any movement to nullify federal evil had to come from a State or States. The Federalist Papers in Number 28 written by Alexander Hamilton states, "It may be received as as axiom in our political system, that the State governments will, in all possible contingencies, afford complete security against invasions of the public liberty by the national authority."

Obviously what Hamilton called an "axiom" has proven to be anything but. Perhaps Hamiltion's "axiom" is unworkable and defeated, but it is still the principle upon which the Constitution of the United States of America rests. Unless a redress of grievance against questions of "public liberty" are addressed by and through the governments of a State or States, the Constitution of the United States has failed and the land has degenerated into the chaos of the ages, the chaos of military coups.

Now it must be obvious that if the method of resisting evil designed by the Founders fails, then the United States of America will have been destroyed and replaced by some variety of military rule couched in the clothes of democracy but armed with the power of the beast.

Julius Caesar is the best known agent of military rule known in western civilization. Eastern civilization is equally peopled by men who have commanded enough military power to make themselves dictators of a nation or nations. The advent of such governments ruled by such men is the rule in history, not the exception.

The United States was ordained and established by we the people to be such an exception to the lessons of history.

It is totally out of order to suggest a military coup, as Pastor Trewella has done, when we have not even tried to establish God's law in a single State by removing Christians from around the country and deploying them in a single State as was done in Kansas during the Slavery Abolition movement.

I don't know why Pastor Trewella overlooks what the Founders of the United States of America told we the people to do should the federal government of the United States become an agent of evil. Federalist 28 continues to explain how the States must respond to federal government evil. States can "discover the danger at a distance; and possessing all the organs of civil power, and the confidence of the people, they can at once adopt a regular plan of opposition, in which they can combine all the resources of the community. They can readily communicate with each other in the different States, and unite their common forces for the protection of their common liberty."

I say I don't know why Pastor Trewella overlooks what the Founders told us to do in the face of federal evil, but I have a theory. I think Pastor Trewella has lost confidence that there are enough ordinary Americans willing to combine themselves into a government that is prepared to fight federal evil to the death--enough people willing to fight evil in any form--so Pastor Trewella has opted for the only thing he can believe in: a military man in charge of troops prepared to fight to the death if the prize of total political power is in his grasp.

Without an alternative in times of unbearable evil, such a military man has always appeared in history. No matter where you look, they have been there. But never in the United States of America. Even when this nation went to Civil War over the question of public liberty, we went through the agency of duly elected State governments. Certainly we went to fight to the death to settle the question of public liberty that had disturbed this nation, but we did it in an orderly and decent manner, even to the point of bloodletting unseen at that time on earth. And we the people settled that question of public liberty.

It is obvious that the fighting men of today are different from those during the Civil War period. As far as we can tell from history, none of those fighting men chose to have penises inserted into their rectums or sucked other men's penises as their chosen method of sexual release. Such a message is a dominant theme of American military men today.

Perhaps Pastor Matt Trewella is correct and only a Strong Man can defeat the Sodomites who have come to power.

But still, if we must go toward bloodletting again, we must do it in a decent and orderly manner as sanctioned by God. I'm certain Pastor Trewella agrees with that. It is only in this manner that we can avoid the demons of fear and of a defiled conscience that accompany adventures outside those ordained by God.

So I hope Pastor Trewella will read this article and recant his advocacy of unConstitutional redress of our present grievances by military coup. Otherwise I think he risks arrest for treason. If Pastor Trewella will focus on the fact that when I have been running for Governor of Georgia I was in fact walking in the path of resistance ordained and modeled by the Holy Spirit of God for His people in these presently united States of America, he will understand the decent and orderly process of resistance Lord Holy Ghost is trying to lead His people to adopt prior to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Finally there is only One Strong Man who can be trusted. If we have come to military coup in this nation, don't give me a military Dictator, give me Jesus Christ or give me death. My Lord Jesus Christ and the nation formed by Him in 1776 deserves nothing less.

Neal Horsley