How To STOP Pornography


Neal Horsley

(Christian Gallery News Service, May 16, 2006)  Today--this very day--pornography could begin to be eliminated from the United States of America if one simple change would occur in the way pornography is handled by the criminal justice system in this nation: treat pornographic images like the one above as evidence in a court of law; in other words, prosecute the people in the pornographic images. Every day in this nation criminals are prosecuted successfully with much less evidence than is seen in that picture. Armed robbers are sent to prison for life using nothing more than the blurred and grainy images from surveillance cameras. Prosecutors could have a field day with the crisp and crystal clear image of crime seen above. If the bold and wanton people like the ones in the pornographic image above (only one of literally millions of similar pieces of evidence on the internet) were prosecuted as the fornicating and perverted criminals that they are, it would not take long before pornography would return to the deep recesses of underground caverns where it has resided throughout most of human history because sex criminals would refuse to have their pictures taken while in the act. And that's God's honest truth.

But most people reading this article will consider the solution offered here to be utterly preposterous. In fact many, if not most, will consider my solution to be a part of the pornography problem itself. Instead of facing the fact that I have defined an actual solution to the pornography problem, most people will be deeply offended because I had the audacity to show the graphic evidence that could be used to convict of crime.

That response proves that unless there is a radical change in this nation, fornicators and homosexuals and adulterers will not be prosecuted in this nation. Even with some of the best photographic evidence imaginable easily available to every prosecutor in the nation, they will walk away from their crimes scot free.

And why will they walk scot free? Because most people who claim to be opposed to pornography, especially Christians, will do everything in their power to ignore the obvious solution outlined here. If the past is any guide to the future, most of the people who actually read this article will do so, not because they intend to work to implement the pornography solution defined here, but to gather evidence they will use to convince others that they should never listen to anything written by this writer, should ignore any communication received by him. If the past is propaedeutic to the future, those people who claim to be opposed to pornography will "solve" the pornography problem by simply refusing to look at it or think about it and will do everything in their power to silence anyone who suggests that God demands another solution.

The indictment against modern American Christianity is plain. The vast majority of people who call themselves Christians, instead of working to reestablish God's law that condemns activities like fornication and adultery and homosexuality, are busy pretending Christians have no duty to establish God's law. Those Christians ignore the Apostle Paul's statement in Romans 3:31,"Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law." Those Christians go about this nation with their head in the sand and do nothing whatsoever (at least nothing with the power to actually arrest the desecration) to reestablish God's laws against sexual depravity and perversion, laws that were in effect and enforced througout the entire history of the United States of America until this generation of ostrich Christians arrived on the scene.

Examine the Christian ostrich solution and you will not only see why pornography and every other form of sex crime is flourishing in the USA like no time in her history, but you will also see why Christians increasingly have no credibility with anyone outside their own myriad balkanized "denominations."

Here's why: People who pretend to ignore the sexual depravity growing rampantly for decades in this nation prove they are no longer being honest with either themselves or society as a whole.  Why? Everybody knows it is literally impossible for any adult to avoid seeing the signs of the sexual depravity that have swept over this nation.  It might be possible for an eight or nine year old child to not see the sexual depravity growing in this nation, but by the time they're 12 or 13, not only will they know about it, as every current social study proves, they will probably be participating in it.  After all, we are talking about a nation where national news reports for weeks on end discussed the fact that the President of the United States of America received fellatio while conducting State business in the Oval Office of the White House. Sexual actions that are outlawed by God are found in billboards, magazines, books, camera phones, internet, movies and television. In a context like that, for Christians to pretend to hide from pornography makes them the laughing stock of an incredulous world.

But if that doesn't convince you of the rampant sexual licentiousness in this society, go to virtually any congregation of Christians on a Sunday morning and check out the clothes the young (and not so young) females are wearing.  They literally dress in costumes that prostitutes would have been fearful to bring on the streets forty years ago.  And if you're still not convinced, listen to the kinds of things going on within those congregations where it is not uncommon for the brothers and sisters to be praying about whether the Lord would want their daughter to have an abortion, or where homosexuals are being welcomed into Christian fellowship with open arms, or where people are openly discussing whether couples who are "living together" should be allowed to become members of the Church and participate in the Lord's Supper.  Yet the same people who live in the midst of these things are the same ones who pretend they are not being exposed to pornography every day of their lives and who will castigate this writer for publishing evidence of sexual actions that if used in a court of law in a nation where sexual licentiousness was against the law would result in the outlaws being sent to a penitentiary where they might repent.  Is there any wonder that Christians have credibility only among those who participate in their particular "denomination" and no credibility outside their denominations?

So what is going on here? Is there a way to explain why Christians will "do the ostrich" rather than actively rise up to establish God's laws against sexual crimes? Yes, there is a way to explain why Christians are choosing to do the ostrich rather than do God's commandments. And the explanation shines an almost intolerably bright spotlight on an heretofore hidden secret of modern American Christianity.


If you want to know why Christians have done nothing to reestablish God's laws against sexual sin but instead have begun to participate, or at least collaborate, in outlaw sexual behavior themselves, you must see that the promise of virtually unlimited sexual licentiousness is, next to the promise of financial benefits, the most important and effective carrot we the people of the USA are holding out to the world in our present attempt to effectively fight the war on terrorism. In other words, if Christians actually rose up and attempted to impose God's laws against sexual licentiousness in this nation, Christians would make it impossible for the federal government to offer sexual "freedom" to the peoples of the world. To remove that sexual license that is being offered to the world would destroy much of actual power to defuse the potential terrorists of the world. In a Muslim world where sexual conduct has always been proscribed with ruthless intensity, the sexual license the USA is offering Muslims around the world is a key ingredient in our strategy to win the hearts and minds of Muslims throughout the world. If Christians actively resisted the sexual licentiousness embedded within modern American society, Christians would find themselves in exactly the same relationship to the federal government of the USA as Al Qaeda. To avoid becoming the enemy of the federal government of the USA, Christians have entered into a pact with the devil whereby the devil provides them with prosperity and physical protection and survival in return for their support of a government that is committed to leading the world to embrace Satan's agenda.


No matter how hard Christians try to ignore it, some facts simply are too obvious to be ignored.

Sexual licentiousness is the essence of the meaning of freedom in this generation. Every time President George W. Bush explains why the forces of the United States of America and its allies deserve to be allowed to "change regimes" in any nation in the world that interferes with our national agenda you will hear him use the word "Freedom" to explain what we offer the world that justifies anything and everything we have to do to "change regimes." Embedded within the meaning of that word "freedom" like a New York Times reporter embedded in a battle battalion in Iraq is the implied promise, backed up by the full faith and credit and resources of the federal government of the United States of America, that those who cooperate with us in our War on Terror will have a license to have sexual relations with any consenting adult anytime and anywhere and anyway--and if they have an unwanted pregnancy as a result of that "freedom" they will have a license to "terminate" that pregnancy.

Of course the President never admits what is at the foundation of the "freedom" he offers the world. He never has to spell out the sexual license he is offering the world because the culture that he represents spells it out for him everyday and in every way. All President George W. Bush has to do to make sure the world understands that the "freedom" we bring is sexual freedom from any government encroachment on the "rights" of sexual congress between consenting adults is to refrain from speaking out against it, refrain from taking the initiative to pass laws forbidding it. When the President of the United States of America who is waging war across the globe to establish "freedom" takes the ostrich solution to sexual licentiousness, the President not only says he will tolerate the sexual licentiousness but that as a Christian President he represents the Christians in the United States of America and, as a Christian President, he actually embodies the new contract "Christians" are offering the world if the world will cooperate with us in our War on Terror. While it might appear that the President and the Christian "right" tries to arrest the sexual licentiousness with things like their Constitutional Amendment forbidding same sex marriage, if you look closely you will see that nothing they do has the slighest reasonable chance of success because all they do are things that have been tried and failed in the past. The "resistance" offered by Christians and their President is exactly equivalent to no resistance at all.


You can see documentation for the role that our offer of sexual licentiousness to the world plays in the War on Terror by listening to the speech President George W. Bush delivered to the graduating class of the US Military Academy at West Point on May 27, 2006. He began by pointing out that this was the first class to graduate from West Point who entered after 9/11/2001.

Then the President defined the War on Terror. "By changing to meet the new threats," he said, "West Point has given you the skills you will need in Afghanistan and Iraq -- and for the long war with Islamic radicalism that will be the focus of much of your military careers."

"Islamic radicalism" is the enemy. And how does the President intend to defeat it? By giving the world freedom, that's how.

President Bush continued his speech by contrasting the freedom he was fighting for with the tyranny offered by "Islamic radicalism." To show that contrast he compared the present War on Terror with the Cold War that began after WWII. President Bush said, "In the early years of that struggle [the Cold War], freedom's victory was not obvious or assured...Fortunately, we had a President named Harry Truman, who recognized the threat, took bold action to confront it, and laid the foundation for freedom's victory in the Cold War...President Truman made clear that the Cold War was an ideological struggle between tyranny and freedom...[President Truman] called on the United States to accept the responsibility of world leadership, and defend the cause of freedom and democracy -- and that's exactly what the United States did." President Bush continued, "While there are real differences between today's war and the Cold War, there are also many important similarities. Like the Cold War, we are fighting the followers of a murderous ideology that despises freedom...We have made clear that the war on terror is an ideological struggle between tyranny and freedom...Our strategy to protect America is based on a clear premise: The security of our nation depends on the advance of liberty in other nations...So we are pursuing a forward strategy of freedom in the Middle East...We're still in the early stages of this struggle for freedom and, like those first years of the Cold War, we've seen setbacks, and challenges, and days that have tested America's resolve. Yet we've also seen days of victory and hope...The message has spread from Damascus to Tehran that the future belongs to freedom -- and we will not rest until the promise of liberty reaches every people and every nation. (Applause.)...Now the Class of 2006 will enter the great struggle -- and the final outcome depends on your leadership...My call to you is this: Trust in the power of freedom, and be bold in freedom's defense. (Applause.)..." the President of the United States of America concluded.


Hardly anybody--except this writer--talks about it in the USA, but the entire world knows that the place where the American concept of "freedom" touches the lives of virtually every person on earth is in the area of sexual license. The world knows this because they watch our television programs, they watch our movies, they see how we dress, they see what the government allows us to do with each other's bodies unchallenged by any restraining laws. Now obviously there are two sides to the image America projects to the world. One side is the ruthless smart bombing hegemon, prepared to do what is necessary to remain the hegemon. But when America is not viewed as the ruthless video game player guiding smart bombs across the world, we see the other side of the modern American image, the image of sexual "freedom." While it is the image of the cunning American guiding the smart bombs that is the Stick the USA holds over the world, it is the image of sexual licentiousness, the image of the teenage girls in "Girls Gone Wild" who scream wantonly as they jerk their shirts up exposing their bare breasts for the world to see, that provides the delicious looking carrot waiting for those who decide to avoid the Stick.


From time immemorial the symbol of the phallus has been raised up over homo sapiens and homo sapiens have bowed down before it. Among the pantheon of powers the world has recognized as gods, Eros has always stood near the front. That is because the entire world knows that there are few powers on earth more powerful than the sexual drive.

We the people of the world are sexual beings. The libido is a force to be reckoned with. The only thing that can compare with the raw physical pleasure of the orgasm is finding food or water when on the brink of starvation or dying of thirst.

It is no coincidence that the orgasm produces a physical pleasure comparable to that experienced when delivered from imminent death. The orgasm is the signal that life is being produced. It is the orgasm that literally produces the seed from which new life can spring.

Any government that can offer the world a definition of freedom that promises virtually unfettered access to orgasm at will is a government well on its way to becoming the government of the world. For that reason, the most successful Empire creating governments have made sexual licentiousness the carrot they offered the world.

Ancient Rome shows the pattern. The Emperor promises freedom in the form of sexual licentiousness in return for fealty to the Emperor. And the world accepts the offer.


Make no mistake about it. Muslim terrorists want to kill you and your family because your willingness to tolerate sexual licentiousness proves you are a pagan outlaw utterly committed to destroying Monotheism--as Muslims understand it--on earth. Since it is impossible to overemphasize this point, I'll say it again: The sex industry in America is the single driving argument that allows Al Qaeda type terrorism to justify killing--exploding or burning or poisoning--you and your family.  The fact that you allow a sex sinful society like this one to thrust its influence across the world via the instrument of the military might of the United States of America, entering even into the innermost sanctuaries of the Muslim world, means Islamist terrorism will not pause in seeking ways to kill, maim or otherwise punish you and your family.

Islamic radicalism has been prophesying for decades that it would be the sexual licentiousness of the USA that would prove to true Muslims throughout the world that the USA must be fought to the death. At the core of Al Qaeda is the Muslim Brotherhood, formed mostly in response to the work of Sayyid Qtub, an Egyptian who was martyred by the secular Egyptian government in 1951.

Sayyid Qutb, behind bars in Egypt during his trial on charges he was helping to overthrow the government. He was hanged in 1951.
Credit: Library of Congress


National Public Radio (NPR) that serves more than 750 independently operated radio stations across the US produced a program in their “All Things Considered” segment about Sayyid Qutb (pronounce Say-yid Koo-Toob) on March 3, 2003.  NPR described him this way: “Egyptian writer and educator Sayyid Qutb spent the better half of 1949 in Greeley, Colo., studying curriculum at Colorado State Teachers College, now the University of Northern Colorado. What he saw prompted him to condemn America as a soulless, materialistic place that no Muslim should aspire to live in…Qutb's writings would later become the theoretical basis for many radical Islamic groups of today -- including al Qaeda,” NPR reported.

According to NPR, the man who provided the ideas—“the theoretical basis”—for al Qaeda is a man who used the United States of America as a symbol for everything that must be fought against in this world.

In “The America I Have Seen” Qutb defined the USA as the epitome of everything that a good Muslim must be prepared to resist.  His subject was America in 1949, the glorious victor of world war II and the emerging Hegemon of the New World Order the USA was spawning.  NPR summarized Qutb’s book, “Qutb denounced the primitive jazz music and loud clothing, the obsession with body image and perfection, and the bald sexuality."

If Qutb was offended by the "bald sexuality" of America in the late forties--which compared to today was neither "bald" nor very sexual at all--imagine the offense the rabid licentious sexuality of America creates among serious Muslims today. (If you want to see this point more clearly, see the article I wrote entitled How Las Vegas Fueled the 9/11 Terrorists.)


If you cannot feel the threat created by this nation's use of sexual licentiousness to seduce the world into our camp, your survival instinct has already been perverted so that you no longer have the capacity to perceive the truth that has your own personal survival as its goal. But if you still have a survival instinct operating in you, it will be possible for you to see that the Muslim terrorists are right about one thing: the United States of America today is a perverted society, an outlaw to God.  And our treatment of pornography proves it.  

The Islamist threat proves that it is impossible to overstate how potentially life threatening the refusal to prosecute the sex crimes displayed in pornography is to every citizen in the USA.  Pornography consists of actions that violate the Law of God, actions conducted by people.  The pornographic image at the beginning of this article is undeniable documentary evidence that the six people above are doing things forbidden by God; they are criminals in the eyes of God.  This nation should make the law of man reflect this fact.  If every time a pornographic image is found, a district attorney or prosecutor will arrest and press charges against the people in the pornography for fornication or public indecency or whatever law is being broken by the actions displayed in the pornographic image, the deterrent effect will begin to work literally instantaneously.  Overnight every person being photographed in fornication or some other illegal sexual action will stop and think long and hard about whether the benefit of being displayed committing that particular action in public was worth the cost.  Boogie Nights are over; Pornography as we know it will cease.


The Christians in this nation pretend they are attempting to arrest the sexual depravity by launching activities like the recent attempt to create a Constitution Amendment banning marriage between homosexual perverts. Such activities are nothing more than self-serving conscience salving placebos because they depend upon the support of a massive majority both at the federal and the State level for success. In a context where the majority at every level in the nation is committed to using sexual licentiousness as a carrot to draw Muslims into the camp of the secular governments of the world, it is literally impossible to find the support to pass a Constitutional Amendment.

But that does not have to be the end of the story. Even though the majority is evil, there is a way a minority, using the system of government created by the founders of the United States of America, can force this evil and apostate majority to stop supporting evil. The Creator's Rights party has been created to bring that way into reality. The Creator's Rights party is the only political party in this nation committed to restoring God's law against sexual crimes in the United States of America. If you refuse to support that political party, you will collaborate with the pact this nation has made with the devil. You can learn about the strategy that will restore this nation to a right relationship to God here: Read This Artice To See How Pornography Can Get You Killed

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