God is stalking Elton John until Sir Sodomite either repents, or God takes his life.

I say this with ample evidence to back me up. Elton John has a series of concerts scheduled across the world. Last night (Apr 15, 2010), Sir Sodomite played for his Chicago area fans. Hours prior to Elton John's arrival, God sent a huge fireball in the sky over Chicago http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/04/15/midwest.fireball/index.html?hpt=T2 to remind Sir Sodomite and all his fans that God does not tolerate people who call the Lord Jesus Christ a "gay" man. In fact those who do so must die, then face God's Judgment like we are reminded in Hebrews 9:27.

The wages of sin is death. That fact has not changed simply because the Georgia law enforcement officials decided to treat me like a criminal for applying Hebrews 9:27 to Elton John and all the other blasphemers, sodomites and other unrepentant sinners in this world. The devil hates me for what I did to Elton John (1 John 3:8), but it's a world changing reality when law enforcement in Georgia takes the devil's side.

And that's what happened when Elton John recently had me arrested and jailed by convincing law enforcement officers in Georgia that Jonathan O'Toole and I created a terroristic threat when we held up a sign on a public sidewalk outside Elton John's estate in Atlanta that said, "ELTON JOHN MUST DIE. HEBREWS 9:27".

What did American Christians do in response to our arrest? Georgia Christians along with their fellow-travelers across the nation shrugged like they've been shrugging every day for decades at the revolution that has destroyed God's law in the USA.

To those with eyes that see, it's obvious that the world is being led by American Christians to worship a different God than the One revealed by the Holy Ghost in Holy Scripture. Not me. I tell people about the God the Apostles of Jesus Christ worship, the One whose power and will can be seen in every action on earth--even fireballs in the sky, or the terrifying death of nationally known public figures(Acts 4:28). If you worship that God, Jonathan and I need your help.

But the citizens of the USA, especially Christians, are not only ignoring us, they are snipping at our heels like mangy feisty curs, literrally applauding the jack booted soldiers of the lawlessness who are carrying us to jail. For that reason, God is stalking the United States of America.

I have long seen this Lapsi Christian sin coming. Alerting the world to the New Lapsi was a work I labored long to accomplish. I took to the streets to prophesyabout the Judgment coming to the USA unless a great awakening occurs and we repent. But instead of helping me defend the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in the face of blasphemers who call Him a homosexual, Lapsi Christians like the street preacher Ruben Israel and the pack of wolves who follow him attacked me. I draw attention to this man because he is a perfect example of someone who looks like a bold Christian but who is instead a deluded and deceived tool of the federal government. Ruben Israel (that’s the name he has chosen for himself, who knows his birth name) admonished me with the following message which I quote verbatim: “do not see the government at fault much with what they did Neal, you simply reaped what you have sown. You promote the bombing of abortion clinics, you promote people like Paul Hill who became what he preached against. A MURDERER. Then you have the gall to play the ‘persecution card’? For this is all excess baggage that your perverted theology as harvested. This is not persecution, this is government pursuing you based on your own words that have know come back to haunt you. Ditto with your O’Tottle disciple.

“’Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake”’

Note: those last 3 words “For My Sake” you were jailed for a cause.” Ruben Israel concluded.

Pay close attention to Lapsi Christian’s attack. The only thing he said that was true was the last six words of his message to me: I was jailed for a cause.

And what was the cause I was jailed for? Defending the name of Christ, that’s what. I defended the name of the Lord Jesus Christ from the blaspheming Lapsi Christian, Elton John, who told millions of people that my Lord Jesus Christ was a homosexual pervert like Elton John.

Now the so-called Christian street preacher Ruben Israel cannot see that defending the name of the Lord Jesus Christ is exactly what Jesus meant when he said “for my sake” in the Bible passage Ruben Israel quoted.

Talk about deluded! Talk about deceived! Ruben Israel tried to use the exact words of Jesus that I am fulfilling, and then Ruben Israel tried to use those same words against me.

Even in a nation as deluded and deceived and confused as the United States of America today, there are people here who can see that when I am jailed for defending the name, character and work of the Lord Jesus Christ from a blaspheming pervert who calls my Lord a homosexual, and get put in jail for THAT, that I AM being persecuted for the sake of Jesus. But Lapsi Christians like Ruben Israel can’t see the truth when it puts them in opposition to the government of these presently united States of America. That delusion is proof that those Lapsi Christians are being stalked by God in exactly the same way and with the same outcome as Sir Sodomite, Elton John, is being stalked by God.

Those who get this far in understanding what is happening to Jonathan O’Toole and I, please contact us because we are almost homeless, without resources in this world except those which Lord Holy Ghost provides. So far, those resources have been amazingly sufficient for the trial at hand. We covet your prayers that this sufficiency will continue; for we are weak in the flesh.



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