Judge Roy Moore and Snooze Button Candidates

(February 2, 2010) Judge Roy Moore is the ultimate--the model for every other--Snooze Button Candidate.

I call such people Snooze Button Candidates because they exist for no other reason than to give you somebody to vote for so you can go back and catch that final most delightful shuteye before you have to finally wake up and face the hellish future that is unfolding before you.

Look closely at Judge Roy Moore and you will see why I choose him as the prototypical Snooze Button Candidate. He's squeaky clean. In fact, nobody today is more squeaky clean than Judge Roy Moore: a military academy graduate, a bold witnessing Christian since childhood, a family man, a Judge on his State's Supreme Court, never a hint of scandal--now that's what I mean by squeaky clean.

But, being squeaky clean is not the most important credential for a Snooze Button Candidate. To be the perfect Snooze Button Candidate, it takes impeccable credentials as a Christian on the forefront of confronting the sin-steeped world around him FOR GOD.


And nobody has better credentials than Roy Moore in that role. After all, he is the one who raised up the huge granite monument showing the Ten Commandments OF GOD and had it placed in front of the capital in Alabama. He is the one who spear-headed the attempt to make the government of Alabama acknowledge and treat the Ten Commandments as the cornerstone of law in the State of Alabama.

Ten Commandments


But what makes Judge Roy Moore the model Snooze Button Candidate is what he did when the government of the State of Alabama sent armed men to exile the Ten Commandments monument from its place in front of the State Capital. That is where we see the perfect Snooze Button Candidate teaching all the other Snooze Button Candidates in America how to be the perfect Snooze Button Candidate.

At the very moment when the whole nation was staring intently at the State Capitol of Alabama, Judge Roy Moore, in the face of an act of the most egregious judicial and government tyranny in the history of the State of Alabama and maybe the history of the United States of America, did what?

Why he hit the snooze button, that's what. He turned over and got some of that wonderful, pre-awakening shuteye that is one of the most gorgeous gifts God can give His creatures. He chose to snooze, and let us snooze, snooze as if we are not moving rapidly toward one of the most hellish scenes ever enacted on this planet of hellish scenes.

But he didn't have to do that, he didn't have to hit the snooze button. Like David of old, Judge Roy Moore could have raised an army to come defend God's law in Alabama--Judge Roy Moore could have raised an army to come defend God's law in the United States of America. The stage was set. The issue was clear: was this generation prepared to treat God's--the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ--law as if His Law can be exiled without so much as a whimper being heard from God's people here in the USA?

And what was the answer Judge Roy Moore led us to give? What did Judge Roy Moore, the Snooze Button Candidate, lead us all to do?

You remember. He hit the snooze button. He stood by and let them treat God's law like it was nothing but a symbol, nothing but an ordinary series of words, let them treat those words engraved in that granite tablet as if they were not the very sounds sent by The Creator of the universe to show us how to live here on earth.

Why did he do that? Why did he decide to hit the snooze button?

I have a one word answer: pussy-whipped.

Like virtually all the men in this nation, Judge Roy Moore does not do what a man would do who is at liberty from the terrible power of the pussy: he does what a man would do who has been pussy-whipped so long and so hard that he cannot even think with the mind of a man anymore. All he can do is cogitate the thoughts of the pussy that whipped him.

And it really doesn't matter which pussy had that dishonor. Maybe it was his mother, maybe it was his wife, maybe it was his daughter. They all would have had exactly the same goal: to house-break the man, to teach him how to conduct himself in a world where the service of the women and the children is the ultimate and unchanging structuring principle before whom all must bow.

I am running for Governor of Georgia and I've given a lot of thought to why I can't get any traction in my campaign. This article probably will make my problems clear: I've decided that my greatest single handicap is I am not pussy whipped.

You can tell when a man isn't pussy whipped because that man will not decide that protecting the women and the children is the highest priority on this planet. That man will decide that protecting the Rights of God are more important than anything or anybody on this planet--includeing his own family, or himself. And that man will organize at this time to find an army that will prepare to fight to the death to protect the Rights of the One, True God, no matter what happens to us all: to men, women, or children.

I am such a man, and I've taken to calling myself a prophet.  Go here to see me prophesy over Georgia.  And don't you think for a moment that I'm a Snooze Button Candidate. I'm the ANTI-Snooze Button Candidate. And, Lord willing, I'll be coming to a street, town, or city near you.

The days of hitting the snooze button are almost behind us.


Horsley for Governor