The Prophesy Is Now In Effect

It's now official. I am a write-in candidate for Governor of Georgia. The only thing that can prevent me from being elected Governor of Georgia is the voters' rejection of my candidacy. My campaign is an example of the difference between abstract ideas about God and the Bible and God's Word and faith and Jesus Christ and all the other symbols of reality, and the reality itself.
My campaign has created an officially recognized day when the voters of the State of Georgia will have the opportunity to either reject or accept the plan of God for government on earth.  It's the 2nd day of November, 2010 when that will happen.
As my prophesy foretold, supporting the strategy I embody is the last chance the people of the USA will have to allay the wrath of God and prevent the destruction of the USA.
In order for that prophesy to come into effect, it was necessary for me to become a duly qualified candidate for Governor of Georgia, one who could actually be elected Governor of Georgia. 
My campaign has taken all the speculation of empty words that have no impact in reality and literally created a time and place on earth where God Himself has promised to act in space and in time.  All this came together yesterday when the Secretary of State acknowledged that I had jumped through the final hoop qualifying me for Governor of Georgia.
My campaign requirements were clear when I began this campaign:  1. I had to qualify for a place of the ballot for Governor of Georgia and 2. I had to alert the people of Georgia that I am a candidate.
I fulfilled requirement 1 yesterday when I took the attached documents to the Secretary of State's office.
Requirement 2 was downright dangerous.  Alerting the people of Georgia that I am a candidate required me to spend a month in Fulton County Jail and Jonathan O'Toole to spend two.  Two birds were under attack with that one stone, which is why we had to go to jail.  On the one hand, Sir Sodomite, Elton John, had to be warned about the upcoming death and Judgment that awaits him for calling my Lord Jesus Christ a homosexual; and on the other hand the people of Georgia--virtually all of them--had to be notified that I am running for Governor of Georgia.  In case you missed it, this is one example of the Statewide television coverage that ran many times on outlets that reached all the homes in Georgia with a TV set.
Back to Requirement 1.  The Georgia Legislature required a write-in candidate to run a notice in a "Newspaper of Record" for Georgia and submit proof to the Secretary of State before votes for them written on a ballot would be counted.  At the bottom of this article, I attached the affidavit required anda link to the pdf document showing the newspaper ad I ran on 12 Aug 2010.   When I took that proof to the Secretary of State yesterday, it was acknowledged that I am now an officially recognized write-in candidate for Governor of Georgia, one who--while the voters in Georgia might lie to themselves and pretend they don't know about it--is, as fully known to the people of Georgia as any candidate running for Governor because of the publicity created by the hysteria of Sir Sodomite, Elton John.
The people's knowledge of my candidacy is important because the difference between empty speculation and real events is the difference between the cries of a child and the spanking of a parent.  For example, the Battle of Gettysburg in the Civil War can be likened to the spanking of a parent, a very stern parent.  Compared to that battle, all the words of all the abolitionists in the USA amount to nothing, and can be compared to the crying of a child.  But on the road to Gettysburg there were many events that can be seen to be milestones, events that were much more than words of empty speculation, more than the crying of a child.  Certainly the events created by John Brown and others who took real action to abolish slavery can be seen as milestones on the road to Gettysburg.  The point is that empty words are many, and true milestones are few.  For those who listen to the prophesy God sent me to send, my campaign for Governor of Georgia will be seen to be a milestone. Yesterday, in the Secretary of State's office, that much became clear.
So now it's up to the voters...and The God who can be the Spanker of Record.  I've done all I know to do.


Proof the Newspaper Ran Required Notice of Candidacy




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