10,500 of these are being passed out in Carrollton,Ga, 4 Jul 2010. The pictured below shows a sign posted in a local Baptist Church that demonstrates the people of Carrollton, Ga got the message.

This is the youtube video showing the prophesy that has been transcribed below. Before you read it, here's what Pastor Michael Bray says about the prophesy: "If I were to evaluate the prophesy issued by Neal Horsley on September 20, 2009 while walking through Newman, Georgia (which was recorded on YouTube, per 21st Century style and transcribed for digital transmission) as per the instructions of Paul regarding the response of God’s leaders to the issuance of such messages (1 Cor. 14:29), I would find his words to be sound, biblical, relevant, appropriate, and timely. And I pray that his words be heeded that the people of Georgia might lead the way for the rest of the nation to repent, reject Godless laws, and return to Him and re-establish justice for womb children along with the sanctity of human life as it is expressed in marriage and the gift of children...How else shall such repentance manifest itself? What ought repentant citizens do? What ought a citizen do who wishes to use his vote righteously and effectively in a way that honors God and brings an end to the twin flagrant desecrations of His Law?...He may cast his vote toward one who promises to stop these desecrations forthwith by the use of the civil powers at his executive disposal."

Amen. Thank you Pastor Mike. The Prophesy follows:

(September 20, 2009) Cause we've let God's Word be destroyed as the foundation of law in the United States of America. And we've let em raise up another law. They call it a law, but in fact it's lies. They say that a woman's got the right to kill God's children. As long as that baby ain't been delivered out her birth canal, she can kill it on demand. And they're saying that's the law. Well, that's a lie. That's a lie. But they've got us all in bondage to that lie. And I'm gonna tell you what. God is going to destroy the United States of America if we don't remove ourselves from that godless authority and restore God's Law to its rightful place of authority. And I'm like Jonah and this is like Nineveh. God sent me here to tell you that God's going to destroy this nation--He's going to destroy the State of Georgia, if we do not return God's law to its rightful place of authority. Now Nineveh got warning that they only had forty days, and they had to repent. And that knowledge of forty days put people in a bind where they had to decide did they believe that there's a God out there who could destroy them all, and was going to do it in forty days if they didn't repent. Did they really believe that God was out there? Well in Nineveh they believed. And they repented. And God changed His Mind about destroying those people. Well I don't know when God's going to destroy the United States of America. I don't know. If I knew, I'd tell you. But I can tell you for a fact that if we don't repent, and we keep going in the same direction we're going, that God's gonna destroy this nation. He's gonna raise up our enemies to rule over us. And He's gonna leave us without His sovereignty. Because this is all a matter of sovereignty. Who is Sovereign in the United States of America? When this nation began the founding fathers said, "We hold these Truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. They are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights. Among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   The founding fathers didn't say all men were born equal. That would have been foolish. We ain't all born equal. What they said was we are Created equal. Now the Supreme Court has come in and said, it don't matter whether somebody's been created. If people don't want them here they can kill em. They can kill em on demand. Our doctors have the right to go kill em. I'm gonna tell you what, that's an attack on God, The Creator. Them little babies are important, and they make me weep. But I'll tell you what's dangerous is we're trying to overthrow the Will of God. And we've been doing it for 37 years. Now Noah got to preach for 120 years before God sent the flood. 120 years Noah preached that he would build an ark. And everybody thought he was a fool. Everybody laughed in his face. Said, "look at that old man building an ark. There ain't no water around here!" Well I'm gonna tell you what. I'm the same way that Noah is today. God has put a burden on my heart to tell you that He ain't gonna wait 120 years today. In the old days it took 120 years to get the word around. Now, you know what, they can bomb somebody in Jakarta, Indonesia and we know about it in 10 minutes. That's right, It don't take no 120 years for the word to get around in this world. And we've already waited 37 years let'n em make God a Mockery. And Christians go to their churches, and they study under pastors who say, "God don't mind, God don't mind. Just go out and tell em about Jesus. He don't care whether we're all collaborating with murderers. He don't care whether we're all in bed with homosexuals. He don't mind that. He just wants you to tell them about Jesus." And then we lead them to the Lord and we make them twice the devil they was before because we teach them that God don't care whether they collaborate with murderers, that God don't care whether they hang around with homosexuals and don't arrest them and punish them under God's Law. Well, that's a lie. I'm gonna tell you what it is, it's almost blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. To say that the Holy Spirit is willing to let us go on the way we're going is a lie.
(Voice from crowd says, "SHUT UP!")
Oh no, I'm not gonna shut up. I'm gonna keep on talking. Until somebody comes and puts a bullet in my brain. Then I'll shut up. But you know what? I believe my words will reverberate. I believe Holy Ghost will continue to guide us. And we will in fact see that what I was was a prophet of God, sent by God to tell you that this is the last warning: God's gonna destroy this nation. And if you don't hear it. And if you go about your business as if God hadn't sent you a messenger, a minister of God's government to try to convince you to repent, then you're gonna face, you're gonna face exactly what happened in the Old South when people thought they could get away with legalizing the bondage of the least of God's children. And what God did was bring them into a punishment where hundreds of thousands of the men of that generation were killed. Well, it ain't just men that's under the gun now. It's men, and women, and little babies. Already the Arabs are blowing up our buildings. Why? Because God is removing His grace from this nation. We've already got men that ain't Arabs blowing up federal buildings. And proud of it. That's because they're filled with rage of what these people are doing here in this nation. Well, God sent me. And I'm running for Governor. Elect me Governor and I will raise up the Georgia State Militia and we will nullify these evil federal laws in the State of Georgia. We will nullify. And when they go down to kill their babies in the State of Georgia, they'll have a State Patrolman standing there. The State Patrolman will turn them around. And instead of escorting them in to kill their babies, he'll escort them to the nearest hospital or hostel. They'll look after 'em. When the homosexuals start walking around and holding hands and kissing each other in public, the police with arrest them and charge them with sodomy. Which is what they are. And I'll be the reason, because I'll be Governor. But I won't be Governor unless you support me. Unless you're willing to actually DO something. We can talk all day long about repentance. But unless we're willing to do that which repentance requires, we're just talk. We're just talking. We belie everything we say about God, about what it means to be a Christian. Because if we're not willing to elect a Governor who will actually do something to stop this godlessness, then we become a part of the godlessness ourselves. We become a part of the lawlessness ourselves. And I don't care what church you go to. I don't care what pastor you've got who'll pat you on the back and tell you how much luv God's got for you, YOU WILL BE DESTROYED! God will destroy this nation. God will destroy it. And I don't know how He'll do it. I wouldn't be surprised is He sends and asteroid right now, today, to Newnan, Georgia, right here in front of you and kills us all. I tell you what, we deserve it. And it would be a perfect example of what God's trying to say here. But He probably won't. Because His longsuffering is great. He's willing to wait. But there's an election in 2010. And I'm running for Governor. And you ignore me and elect one of these pansy quote politicians who's got all the right things to say about Jesus but won't do nothing different than what we've been doing for forty years, you will remember that the day of judgment came when you saw this man that you thought was crazy telling you that the day of judgment was coming and you had a choice of electing him governor and restoring God's Law to its rightful place of authority here in Georgia and being an example to the rest of the States of the United States of America, or you are a part of the lawlessness. You stand condemned by your own actions. If you can ignore me, if you can treat me like this is not an act of God come into your midst, if you can treat me like I ain't your Jonah and you ain't Nineveh, and this is all some fantasy, and there ain't nobody out there like the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who said, "Let there be light, and there was light."
Go to horsleyforgovernor.com to see how God has been preparing Neal Horsley for this prophesy.