Yesterday news broke across the world that the popular French magazine "Le Monde" had published a cartoon showing the pope having sexual relations with a young boy. I searched the Internet for the alleged cartoon, but could not find it. Either that means the Internet has become the possession of the censorship police, or the rumor of the cartoon is false. But either way, that did not stop the Catholic "Christians" from screaming bloody murder at the alleged blasphemy against the Pope. The reaction that follows is only one of literally hundreds I easily found on the various Catholic web sites.

Apr 27, '10, 1:38 am

Blasphemous depiction of Pope in Le Monde Magazine

I despair. Sometimes I wish that we, as Catholics, were more militant with our protestations. At the very least, why are French Catholics not picketing Le Monde? Why are Catholics not picketing French Embassies around the world? I do not have a copy of the magazine but if I had that copy, I would surely have been at the doorstep of the French Embassy over here.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace

the Lord is with You

Blessed are You amongst women

and Blessed is the Fruit of Thy womb, JESUS


So there you have one example of the world wide Catholic outrage. Now compare the Catholics' reaction to the blasphemy against the Pope to the Catholics' reaction to the news that Sir Sodomite, Elton John, had called the Lord Jesus Christ a homosexual, with implications at least as offensive as implications against the Pope.

Wait! That's right: Protestant "Christians" won't make that comparison any more than Catholic "Christians" will make that comparison. Protestant "Christians" will ignore this story just like Catholics will ignore it because Protestants failed to react to the blasphemy against the Lord Jesus Christ by the lying Elton John in exactly the way the Catholics failed to react. (Jonathan O'Toole and I are perfectly located to make this observation because we were jailed last month for defending Jesus against Sir Sodomite's blasphemy against Jesus while a world of "Christians" ignored us.) It would logically follow that for Protestant Christians to acknowledge this story would be to create the possibility that Protestant "Christians" would see their hypocrisy in exactly the same light the Catholic "Christians" should see theirs. And of course Satan will do everything in his power to prevent that from happening.

So only the remnant who read my work will get one more example that proves the world is starving at the same time Lord Holy Ghost is working to pour out a cornucopia of blessings.

The only positive moral I can deduce from this story is: at least the Catholic "Christians" have something that will cause them to react, even if it's the Pope instead of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Protestant "Christians" can't even say that.

If anybody is interested in what the Lord Jesus Christ says about those who thwart people from believing in Him, read Luke 17: 1-2


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