Notice how this "old Marine" responds to my ruthless parody of the Marine Corp Hymn below. The Marine you hear is only one of many people who are offended that I will ridicule America's armed forces as they open themselves to godless outlaws by order of the President of the USA.

From the halls of Montezuma
to the times of penis joy;
We will thrust for our libido
In the hair, the shit, and the pee;
First to screw for lust and freedom
And to play the fecal scene;
We are proud to claim the title
Of United States Marine.

The Marines are offended by the parody I made of the Marine Corp Hymn but say nothing about the faggots infiltrating the Marine Corp.

The military and police collusion with the outlaw President and his minions intent on destroying God's Law must be resisted in every way possible. The ridicule of parody is only the beginning of the resistance the godless outlaws taking over the government of the United States of America will face.

I've been trying to warn this nation for years that this evil desecration was defiling everything sacred and Holy about this nation. Watch this video at (part One) and (part Two). See for yourself why not only the Marine Corp but Old Glory itself is being desecrated and becoming fit only for the fire.

UPDATE: Look at the news article below and you will see why I sent out an email to people entitled: ELTON SAYS JESUS TOOK PENIS IN ANAL ORIFICE.

True to the form of the "old marine" who castigated me for telling the truth about the Marine Corp Hymn, Christians across the USA railed against me for telling them the truth about what people are calling the Lord Jesus Christ. One Christian even went so far as calling me a "pervert" for sending out the email telling people what Jesus was being called.

Talking about what Elton John had said about Jesus, a lawyer named Elsman, who claims to be a leader of the Christian street preachers of America, said this, "TO EVEN REPEAT SUCH IS BLASPHEMY!!

Think about that. Here is a lawyer who would make it illegal--blasphemy--to repeat, even if it was presenting evidence to a jury, about what the world was saying about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christians everywhere go to their churches and claim to worship the Lord Jesus Christ while allowing sex criminals to legally seduce their children into fecal sex acts. Yet this allegedly Christian lawyer will not even allow people to know what is being said by homosexuals about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Talk about burying their head in the sand!

Anyway, I'm running for Governor of Georgia to make the homosex and other sexual outlaws according to Scripture illegal in the State of Georgia. Unless you want to support the god of this world by default, you'll vote for me. None of the rest of the candidates running for Governor of Georgia clearly says he will outlaw homosexual behaviour in the State of Georgia or die trying. I do.

The picture below shows what the lawyer, Elsman, and his ilk do to the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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