Murderous Hypocrisy of Nancy Grace


Neal Horsley

(Sabbath Day, 7/9/2011) Nancy Grace has made a career casting herself as the defender of children being murdered or in danger of being murdered. She is an attorney who worked as a State Prosecutor and whose own fiancee was a murder victim. In the aftermath of the Caylee Anthony travesty of Justice, no one in the nation was more eloquent, more passionate, more theologically correct than the indignation, the rage of Nancy Grace who summarized the meaning of the Caylee Anthony Jury decision when she said, "Somewhere in this nation the devil is dancing tonight."

Now let me tell you in detail why Nancy Grace is a murderous hypocrite, a murderous hypocrite who represents a generation of American women who are each and every one like her (with few exceptions who are in prison this Sabbath Day) murderous hypocrites.

The righteous indignation, the anger, the rage of Nancy Grace has never been raised over the slaughter of thousands of unborn babies that has been occurring each day Nancy Grace mounted her televised podium and waxed eloquent in the defense of other little babies or young people being butchered.

Repeat: Day after day Nancy Grace intones her grating voice in defense of little children in danger of murder...and she has ignored the babies being butchered in legalized abortion. Not once has she said one word about those babies being butchered around her!

And by her ignorance of them she has literally provided the bedrock foundation upon which the legalized slaughter of those babies can continue, on and on, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, ad whatever the latin word is for terror that never ceases, terror that grows on and on because the very people who should be the first to defend the children being butchered not only ignore their slaughter but are the ones who actually are making the decision to butcher the children.

And we all know why she has ignored the babies being slaughtered. They are being murdered legally by their own mothers because the legal system that Nancy Grace embodies has decided those babies are not people, the Supreme Court of the United States of America has rendered the verdict that says "no law has ever treated the unborn as people."

Nancy Grace, by ignoring the babies being legally butchered in abortion has embodied the murderous hypocrisy that supports the lie of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, the lie that is responsible for the legalized slaughter of millions of unborn babies in THIS GENERATION.

God damn her murderous hypocrisy to hell! God damn her and all the silent murderous hypocrites like her to hell! Talk about Satan dancing! God damn Dancing Satan! God damn this murderous generation to hell unless we repent! That is the imprecatory prayer being raised to High Heaven today.

Why? It is time for this murderous hypocrisy to stop! That's why.

Imprecatory Prayers are rising to High Heaven begging God to stop legalized abortion or bring fire from High Heaven that destroys the evil nation called the United States of America that teaches the world that mothers can murder their own children and get away with it. Hear them? You do if your eyes made it to this place in this article. You know the deadly imprecatory prayers being raised in defense of the babies in danger of being butchered legally in this nation TODAY, this Sabbath Day that is the KILLING DAY.

Now what are you going to do about it?

The specter of Nancy Grace having the audacity to speak as if she had a basis for righteous indignation at the prospect of a travesty of justice in the murder of a young child while ignoring the vast numbers of legally murdered children in this nation is a paradigm--A PARADIGM!--of the murderous hypocrisy of a GENERATION of American women, most of them claiming to be Christians, who have literally ignored the millions of babies being butchered around them, ignored them while they put on their eye liner and sucked in their bellies and smelled so sweet and looked so beautiful while at the same time they (except for the tiniest number of women who gave their lives in defense of the threatened unborn) ignored the babies being slaughtered around them.

Oh maybe most of the Christian women make mouth sounds about being opposed to legalized abortion...but will do nothing, absolutely nothing, that has the power to correct this travesty of justice in exactly the same way that nothing is being done to correct any travesty of justice that occurs in the nation ostensibly ordained and established by we the people, we the God damned murderous hypocrite people.

Is there no shame? Is there no true righteous indignation? Is there only the murderous hypocrisy embodied by Nancy Grace?

God damn such murderous hypocrisy! God damn the Nancy Grace's of America so that this imprecatory prayer can be used by you Lord Jesus to awaken these murderous hypocrites to their murderous hypocrisy so that they might stand with us in defense of the babies being legally butchered around us this Sabbath Day in the once united States of America.

This is the face of the mother who believes she can murder her own child and get away with it.

Horsley for Governor Will Stop the Murderous Hypocrisy Or Die Trying