(5/15/2010) The headline on May 12, 2010 screamed: “Nine killed in latest China school rampage.”

“NANZHENG, China (Reuters) - Seven children and the owners of a kindergarten were hacked to death in northwest China on Wednesday, the latest in a string of assaults--(six mass murders of young children in China in two months based on my research)--on schools, prompting officials to vow to "strike hard" to calm public alarm.

“Eleven children were wounded in the attack soon after the school day started in Nanzheng county, a rural corner of Shaanxi province, the official Xinhua news agency reported. Two children were in serious condition.

“A 48-year-old man, Wu Huanming, used a kitchen cleaver to kill five boys and two girls as well as the mother-son team who owned and ran the private kindergarten, Xinhua said.

Wu then returned home and committed suicide, Xinhua said, citing a statement from the province emergency office. "His motive for the attack was not immediately known," it said.”

His motive was not immediately known?

This is the motive of the mass murderers of the chooselings.

It was inevitable that when we decided to mass murder the children we do not choose to be born that those we did choose to be born would be mass murdered. We reap what we sow. Where did I hear that? Did I make it up? Is it even true that we reap what we sow? Does anybody care whether it is true or not? These are some of the questions that rise up when we consider the fact that chooselings are being mass murdered all around us.

Repeat: To date, Six massacres in two months in China. Mass murderers butchered dozens of children. Kindergarden age children.

The deaths of children strike an especially deep chord in a country where most urban families are allowed to have only one child, said Yang Dongping, an expert on education at the Beijing Institute of Technology.”

China’s birth policies represent two major world trends: 1. solving social problems by population control using abortion; 2. emphasizing a world view that makes the only hope of immortality depend on the perpetuation of individual DNA via the birth of biological offspring.

As we analyze the effects of those two ideas on the mind of potential serial killers--people who invariably have no hope for the future, people who invariably blame the society they live in for their hopelessness--we can see why there is a certain horribly evil logic in butchering chooselings, we can see why mass murder of young children is epidemic in China.

I call the victims of these apparantly random massacres of young children "chooselings" because that's what they are. Out of all the potential babies conceived to be born in China, the children who were massacred were "chosen" to live rather than be aborted, thus the name "chooselings".


To see why these "chooselings" would be perceived by the mass murderer to be perfect targets for murderous rage, we must understand that the "chooselings" represent the only hope for real immortality their parents--or the mass murderer himself--have been trained to believe in. The Chinese government's communism trains its people to believe that it is through the transfer of life from generation to generation that the hope of immortality is found. So the mass murderer who massacres the "chooselings" massacres at the same time the hope of immortality of the parents of the chooselings. In China, the mass murderer murders the parents of the chooselings FOREVER. It is this massacre of the parents' hopes--and by extension society’s hope--that is the hidden strategy of the mass murderers targeting the "chooselings" everywhere on earth.

Since the mass murderer almost invariably commits suicide, and might very well have no consciousness of the deepest motives behind the mass murders, it is up to Lord Holy Ghost to find some writer like myself to explain these truths to the world.

And, of course, that is the point of this article. A world that ignores the Holy Ghost of God and decides that physical survival through genetic transference of DNA is the only kind of immortality is a world spawning a generation of mass murderers of chooselings. Compound that temptation with a society that legalizes the murder of children as a means of solving major problems in that society, and you have created a perfect storm of murder, a perfect storm that will target the least of God's children for destruction, and in the process, create hell on earth for the remainder of the people who look to that "solution" as a way of life.


This is the world we have created for ourselves. And it is not only in China that such a world has been created. In the United States as well, such a world has been created. To date, we have not seen the weekly massacres of our children. But, unless we repent of the pagan gods who rule this nation more each day, we only need wait awhile until, like a toxic spill from hell, China's hopelessness begins to wash ashore here.

Are people protecting themselves and their offspring against this terrible, truly terrifying fruit?

Words simply do not exist that can communicate the NO I feel in every fiber of my being. Instead of protecting ourselves by calling on Lord Holy Ghost for His protection, we continue to legally murder the children we do not choose to be born in the USA.

Talk about evil, horrible, fruit of TERROR! Stopping that Terror should be the war we are fighting! Elect me Governor of Georgia and you can know for certain that is the war I will fight. If you think that is a terrorist threat, arrest me! You won’t get no cherry.


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