How Miss USA Will Kill You

(Christian Gallery News Service, 5/24/2010) The still frame of the beautiful woman undulating around the stripper’s pole, complete with video fully documenting the event, was flashed across the world. Headlines blared that a Muslim had won the Miss USA contest for the first time. And every Muslim in the world, except for a few deluded ones in the USA, knew for a fact exactly why untold numbers of Americans both here and abroad would be killed as punishment for what Miss USA had been taught to do here in the USA.

Since myself, or my children, share equal odds with you that we might be the victims of the Muslim revenge, I have to send you this message, realizing that you will use it as one more piece of evidence proving I need to be in prison rather than outside prison where I am free to send you such disturbing messages. Sigh, that’s the way it is for a prophet of God in the USA Today.

But that’s another story. Back to Miss USA.

Donald Trump is a player in this story about why Miss USA will kill you. That’s because he is one of the leaders in the sex sells advertising business used to control your every thought, move and desire. Here is how The Donald set the stage for your death. Tamara Dietrich writing for the Chicago Tribune summarized the Miss USA pageant: “But this year Donald Trump– Big Daddy behind the pageant nowadays – added a little something extra: lascivious…So now there's Miss New York in white lace panties, on her knees on a bed, legs spread, clutching a striped shirt around her midriff, breasts half-exposed…Miss Oregon kneeling forward on a bed, cleavage toward the camera, in black bra, panties and stockings, blonde like a wild mane…Miss South Dakota in a merry widow, fishnet stockings and garter belt, stiletto heels, casting a fierce, feline glance at the camera…Miss Virginia seated saucily in a wing chair, hiding behind her bare legs, hair tousled, button shirt ajar, no bra in sight…Shot after shot of big hair, big heels, big swaths of shiny skin. Contestants from every state – gosh, even Utah– posing in "lingerie photos" that spurred much debate over whether they're appropriate or they turned beauty contestants into tarted-up hotties better suited to a men's magazine…On the bright side, Trump hasn't gone Larry Flynt (yet). He hasn't even gone Hugh Hefner (this year)…But, if colleagues are right, he has gone whoever's behind Maxim magazine, famous for its lists of "sexiest women" and the T&A spreads to back them up…Why? Why else? Trump is a businessman, and this is a sure-fire way to stoke controversy and maximize (or Maxim-ize) profits” Ms. Dietrich concluded.

Donald Trump did not even bother to act offended when the stripper pole pictures of this year’s Miss USA showed up across the nation. He smiled benignly when Miss USA explained the pictures on the Today Show with Regis and the blond, “I just want to make it clear it was not a stripper-pole contest," Rima Fakih alleged. "It was actually a promotional event that my friend, who's a DJ at a radio station, had for women. It collected about 100-150 women and they teach them how to dance and feel sexy,” Miss USA clarified.


The American born cleric above is simply spelling out what the Muslim Brotherhood has been saying since America of the 1950’s was held up by Sayyid Qutb as the fountain from which the world’s decadence would be drawn.

You probably have never heard of Sayyid Qutb, but most every Muslim in the world has.

  This is a picture of Sayyid Qutb shortly before he was hanged in Egypt where he had been convicted in 1966 of trying to overthrow the government. He is known in the Muslim history books as the Father of Al Queda.

In “The America I Have Seen” Qutb defined the USA as the epitome of everything that a good Muslim must be prepared to resist. His subject was America in 1949, the glorious victor of world war II and the emerging Hegemon of the New World Order the USA was spawning.

A National Public Radio program about Qutb’s summarized his book, “Qutb denounced the primitive jazz music and loud clothing, the obsession with body image and perfection, and the bald sexuality. The American female was naturally a temptress, acting her part in a sexual system Qutb described as "biological": "The American girl is well acquainted with her body's seductive capacity. She knows it lies in the face, and in expressive eyes, and thirsty lips. She knows seductiveness lies in the round breasts, the full buttocks, and in the shapely thighs, sleek legs -- and she shows all this and does not hide it,” Qutb stated.

Qutb then explained why decadence in the USA must be fought: “If we look at the sources and foundations of modern ways of living, it becomes clear that the whole world is steeped in Jahiliyya (pagan ignorance of divine guidance), and all the marvellous material comforts and high-level inventions do not diminish this Ignorance. This Jahiliyya is based on rebellion against God's sovereignty on earth: It transfers to man one of the greatest attributes of God, namely sovereignty, and makes some men lords over others. It is now not in that simple and primitive form of the ancient Jahiliyya, but takes the form of claiming that the right to create values, to legislate rules of collective behavior, and to choose any way of life rests with men, without regard to what God has prescribed. The result of this rebellion against the authority of God is the oppression of His creatures...The Islamic civilization can take various forms in its material and organizational structure, but the principles and values on which it is based are eternal and unchangeable. These are: the worship of God alone, the foundation of human relationships on the belief in the Unity of God, the supremacy of the humanity of man over material things, the development of human values and the control of animalistic desires, respect for the family, the assumption of the vice-regency of God on earth according to His guidance and instruction, and in all affairs of this vice-regency, the rule of God's law [al-Shari'a] and the way of life prescribed by Him...” Qutb concluded.

Couple the things Qutb said above with the message he wrote about the venal, rapacious, and licentious carnal nature of American society and you will begin to understand how Muslims today look at what Miss USA became in the USA and see evidence proving that we all need to be killed from the oldest down to the youngest among us.

As you watch the televised hearings about the upcoming confirmation of the first lesbian Supreme Court Justice nominated by Barack Bin Suckee, the secret homosexual boytoy, consider the things Sayyid Qutb says, that is, if you are alive to do so.

I have considered them long and hard and I think Sayyid Qutb is right about the pagan Ignorance that has taken over the USA. That does not mean I think the Muslim terrorists are right to want to kill citizens of the USA. I look to a different law book for my guidance than the one Qutb looked to, and I find a different solution than the Muslim terrorists find. Not to mention the fact I am an American citizen who is at least as much a target for Muslim terrorists as you.

I'm looking for a solution, not death. Part of that solution is found when we (the Muslims and I) understand that the laws in our different books are not so different that we must kill each other to serve our different Gods.

Only the Ignorant Pagans must be killed if they try to enslave us to their Ignorance. Oops, did I say that?

If you are an Ignorant pagan, I can understand why you would be offended at the idea that Muslims are targeting you for death, and that I can joke about it. I tell everyone who will listen that there is nothing more serious than jokes. That's where you hear a lot of truth that won't be said any other way. So when I joke, it usually means I'm really offended, deeply offended. I hope you can understand why I am offended that the Muslims would think I am an Ignorant pagan who deserves to die simply because I am a citizen in the same country presently ruled by a majority composed of Ignorant Pagans and/or their peons.

I’m running for Governor of Georgia to try to wrest control of this State from the Ignorant Pagans. I need your support before June 14th. That’s when the powers that be intend to put me in prison for serial truth telling.


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