(Sunday, May 9, 2010) At 1 AM on Friday May 7, 2010, Jonathan O'Toole finally got to step outside the Fulton County Jail where he had been in captivity for almost two months because he had the audacity to apply Hebrews 9:27 to the life of His Lordship, Sir Sodomite, Elton John, who blasphemously called Jesus Christ a homosexual before millions of people.

I have no personal direct knowledge of Jonathan's actions because one of the conditions of his bond is that Jonathan is to have no contact with Otis O'Neal Horsley, yours truly. Therefore the information about Jonathan O'Toole was reported to me by Rob Rudnick, our friend and faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Rob will have to continue to be the source of information to you about Jonathan because Jonathan is forbidden to use the Internet in any way whatsoever, even to sending emails to his many friends around the world.

That is a very strange condition, especially given Jonathan's role as one of the leaders of ProjectSee, a movement designed to prevent the proliferation of homosexual predators from the USA--and other "sister" nations--upon other nations of the world, especially Barack Hussein Obama's homeland of Kenya. But such a strange condition on Jonathan's bond is not surprising given the extraordinary involvement of the federal government in what would normally be a criminal investigation and procedure exclusively conducted by the State of Georgia.

If you think about Jonathan and ProjectSee, you will see that the extraordinary involvement of the federal government in this case can be easily explained. The federal government is being Presided over by an individual who has unconfessed homosexual sin in his past, an individual who can launch a thousand federal investigators into action with the merest glance from one of his homosexual polluted eyes. This individual--the one the irrepressible Rev. Manning calls the long-legged Mac Daddy--is so dependent upon homosexuals at so many levels it is mandatory that what is happening to Jonathan and I be viewed through a hologram of a wildly gesticulating homosexual POTUS (President of the USA).

But chances are if you're an American Christian you won't view this through such a hologram because just as you believed your previous President never inhaled, and you believed your previous President message about weapons of mass destruction, you will also believe that the current President never engaged in homosex sin.

You will believe it because gullibility has become a gift to this generation of American Christians. In fact, the central point of conflict between myself and the vast majority of American Christians occurs because I have not received that particular gift--at least as far as I can tell. But that is the problem with the gift of gullibility, you never can tell you're received it until reality destroys you. And then of course it's too late, and all you can do is rue from hell the day you received the gift of gullibility and ponder the fact that the gift came not from the Holy Spirit but from the unholy spirit, the father of lies.

But I digress, we were talking about Jonathan O'Toole. Jonathan immediately gained gainful employment and has gone back to work with a gusto praising God for the opportunity to escape homelessness, starvation and all the other circumstances that face many of those who walked out of jails and prisons the same day Jonathan did. (As an aside, one of the inevitable results of incarceration is an ability to identify with people in jail. Duh! I'm sure this explains why many in the ancient Church who spent their share of time in jail were able to effectively reach the rejected, despised and outcast with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.)

So in summary, Jonathan O'Toole is fine--great to be exact. Rob says Jonathan lost 25 pounds.

I'm sure Jonathan is pleased as punch with his weight loss, although I'm equally sure he would not recommend jail as the weight-loss spa of choice. (Okay, I say I'm "sure", but I'm not really. Jonathan's attitude toward his weight loss is actually an assumption; Jonathan has not told me that; because, as you know, we have NO CONTACT.)

Anyway, please keep Jonathan and his wife Essie and his family in prayer that the Lord will give us all the opportunity to proceed with the ministry He has provided to us, and will move us to do everything we do as unto the Lord.


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