Why Does Jonathan O’Toole Remain In Jail?

Bill O'Toole, Jonathan's father, who has been a pastor for many decades, won't speak to me, says he doesn't want to have anything to do with me. And it has been reported to me that Jonathan's Aunt Linda actually hates me in the aftermath of the Elton John Confrontation.

No wonder. I suggested to Jonathan we confront Elton John after Sir Sodomite called the Lord Jesus Christ a homosexual; I made the signs that carried the message the people of Georgia (for after all we were arrested in the name of the people of Georgia) claim to be such a terroristic threat that Jonathan and I must spend the next X number of years in Georgia prisons. I'm sure Jonathan's family is all agreed that if anybody should be in jail, it should be me.

I agree. If anybody should be in jail, it should be me.

So why does Jonathan remain in jail while I got a bond that allowed me to be under house arrest rather than jail arrest? What's up with that?

Project SEE might explain why Jonathan remains in jail. Look at the Project SEE web site and you will see that Jonathan's attack on the legalization of homosex acts goes far beyond the attempt to tell Elton John he is going to hell if he does not repent of his sins. Jonathan represents an offensive against the legalization of homosex sin, not just in the USA but throughout the world.

Weeks ago, when we began to wonder why I could receive a bond, yet Jonathan remain in jail, Jonathan told me that he had heard that the authorities considered he might be more dangerous than me--a greater threat. So if Jonathan is considered more of a threat than me, there is a certain logic to his remaining in jail while I was bonded out.

If you will take the time to learn about Project SEE and the impact it has had on the homosexual agenda in the world, you will begin to see why Jonathan might well be more dangerous to the homosexual outlaws of the world than me. After all, Project SEE is not merely about holding one rich and famous homosexual like Elton John accountable; it's about stopping the legalization of homosexuality throughout the world.

But there is a deeper question here than the one about Jonathan remaining in jail, one that deserves to be acknowledged. Why do the people of Georgia--most of whom claim to be some variety of Christian--insist on protecting the homosexuals of the world by imprisoning men of God like Jonathan and myself for nothing more than trying to treat homosexuals like the outlaws that they are? Could it have anything to do with the Georgia Christians' President being a unrepentant bi-sexual--which, if the truth be told, is just another word for a homosexual?

But wait! If that's actually what's going on, and Georgia Christians are being subconsciously seduced by the power represented by a homosexual President, wouldn't that mean Georgia Christians are collaborating with sin?

What a question! How could the children of the Christians of the Old South be seen to be so easily seduced by Satan?

Plenty of questions, but answers are hard to come by in this nation today.


PS: Jonathan is scheduled to have a hearing this coming Monday on whether he will be allowed a bond, or some other kind of get-out-of-jail card. It's pointless to contact the Judge, but not pointless to contact God on Jonathan's behalf. He is prepared to stay in jail until Jesus comes, but would prefer to be out on that great and glorious day.

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