God's Humility

Without God's Humility this nation will be destroyed

(12/22/11) A young man named Colin accused me of  blasphemy.

He said to me, "You do not know God's priorities. No human being can know.  Our respect to God's greatness can only be presented by acting with humility. When you use the name of God in order to support your opinions you are playing a game that is opposed to this humility. You want what you say to be true so you invoke God's name. Since you do not know God's plan, what you are doing is using the word God to gain stature for your opinion. You make yourself into a God," Colin concluded.

I replied to Colin that if he did not believe God has expressed Himself in the words of Holy Scripture so that all could know both God's plans and God's priorities, then the only way for us to reach an understanding required raw, brute force that resulted in one of us overwhelming the other, and referred him to a chapter of my book CALL IT REVOLUTION.

A Christian friend listening to my argument with Colin suggested that I needed to show humility.  And so I really tried to understand what kind of humility God wanted from me.

I replied to my Christian friend:

Brad, here's an example that I think was  prompted by your mentioning the need to find humility to deal with the argument I am having with Colin.  After sleeping  on what you said, I woke up this morning thinking about the highly publicized incident with that Coach Sandusky in PA, and realized that incident is a model for the kind of operative humility that Christian leadership has conditioned into this generation of Christians in the USA.

The Coach

The Assistant coach

Here we have a red-headed young man, a coach himself, and he walks into a room and realizes that he is witnessing a man, another coach, his own highly powerful coach, buggering a 10 year old boy in the shower.  He immediately realizes that the boy appears to be a willing participant because he is not screaming rape, and they immediately disengage buggering the moment they realize they have been caught brown-dicked.

This is how the scene is reported: "Mr. McQueary, 37 years old, told the court he witnessed the alleged abuse on a Friday evening when he returned to the locker room to put away a pair of his shoes. He said he heard "rhythmic, slapping sounds," then saw Mr. Sandusky standing behind a boy in the shower. It was clear that "Jerry [was] molesting the boy, having some type of intercourse with him," Mr. McQueary said. "That's what I believe I saw."

At the moment he saw it, what does the young coach do?
Nothing.  Instead of taking the law into his own hands, striking Sandusky about the head and shoulders, telling him  that if ever hears of him touching another male like that he'll beat him into a place he might not recover from, and at the same time, telling the young willing participant in buggery what kind of hell awaits him if he thinks for another second that he can get away with making a whore out of himself, the young coach does absolutely nothing except go ask his daddy what he should do. Repeat: the young coach goes to talk to his daddy asking him what to do.   That appears to be a perfect metaphor for the kind of humility you and me and this generation of Christians has been trained to believe is the will of God for Christians in this generation: Go pray about it in the very face of evil.
Brad, that kind of humility is exactly equivalent to moral cowardice, to conditioned acquiescence in the face of evil.  And that is the only kind of humility that has been taught to this generation of Christians.  Instead of learning when it is time to take up the whip and drive out evil doers from the temple, we "men of God" in this generation have been conditioned into a lifetime of arrested development.  And it's happened because we've taken as our definitions of love and humility and all the words that describe the emotions life creates in times of real action the definitions women place on those words and actions instead of the definitions God puts on them.  Instead of learning to be Samsons who can pick up a jawbone of an ass, or a rock, or whatever lies at hand, and establish God's Law in the blink of an eye, we have been shorn and trained to believe God does not allow such behavior from humble, loving Christians.
And it is government itself that is being used as the driving force behind this effeminate, unloving, ungodly, murderous "love" and "humility" and "kindness" and "gentleness", government that is being used to condition us to have exactly the kind of response to reality the slave Cuffee was conditioned to live with and under in the Old South.  And just as it was  the spirit of the woman that established the social conventions  that kept Cuffee in his place and working for the Plantation in the Old South, so too is it the woman today who has trained us all in the "humility" we see from Christians in this nation today.
Can you see that Brad?  Then you might begin to understand why we have got to find the fighting spirit, not more of what we have been trained to think of as humility. 
The kind of humility that God brings is a humility in the face of death and defeat if that's the only way to serve the will of God, a willingness to sacrifice one's own life in service to the will of God.  That is what God calls humility.
As the young red-headed coach demonstrated, the only kind of humility he had been trained to express was humility in the face of terrible, grievous, child-buggering evil.  God damns that kind of humility Brad. And the fact that that is the only kind of humility most Christians can even imagine in this generation is right at the root of the terrible apostasy growing around us.
We must change that Brad.  We cannot tolerate the red-headed coach's willingness to walk away from the buggery of a child or the murder of a child because he has been conditioned to show humility and restraint rather than the wrath of God in the face of evil.  We must learn to fight such definitions of humility, even if it means the women don't give us the comfort of their approval...or anything else.
Brad, you should have heard me howling cries of torment when Rev. Paul Hill was being executed.  I surprised myself at how loud I cried and how tormented I felt.  I was surprised at my unseemly blubbering because I didn't understand that in the depths of my soul I sensed we the people of the USA were executing God's humility in this nation when we murdered Paul Hill.
Can you see what I'm trying to talk about?
The moral? Support Horsley for Governor to see God's humility in action.