PRESS RELEASE: August 17, 2009

Today the CNN newspaper headline read: Gay Men Attacked, Executed In Iraq, Rights Group says. 

The CNN report continued, "In 2004, militias and unknown groups started to go after the gays ... but the peak was six months ago," said Qaisar, who uses a pseudonym for fear of reprisal. "It has become wide scale war against gays in Iraq."

"Interviews with doctors indicate hundreds of men had been killed [in Iraq], but the exact number was unclear because of the stigma associated with homosexuality in Iraq, the New York-based watchdog group said in its report."
Neal Horsley, candidate for Governor of Georgia, USA, promises that if elected he will protect homofagots from citizen violence and will provide them with due process of law instead of killing them in droves as in done in Iraq.  Candidate Horsley said, "Homofagots will think I'm their Sugar Daddy compared to the way the Arabs treat them.  Iraqi homosexuals might actually move to Georgia to get put in our prisons instead of being torn apart, or killed with blowtorches, as is happening in Iraq."
Horsley continued, "True, it's not surprising to see the large numbers of homofagots being killed.  And, while it is an excellent way to alert homosexuals to the dangers that await them, not only in this world, but the world to come, as Governor of Georgia, I will provide homofagots with exactly the same protection the law affords anyone arrested, tried and convicted of a capital offense in the State of Georgia.  I promise to see no homofagot executed in Georgia without the full due process of law, no homosexual executed before it's time," Horsley concluded.



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