(Sun. Oct. 31, 2010) This less than 2 minute CNN News Clip Spotlights Why We Must Command the News Media to Cover the Militant Christians In this Nation

Did you get it? The news media is showing only two camps to either Americans or the rest of the world: the camp of bin Laden, and the secular camp led by Obama.

That is a lie. There is another camp: the camp composed of Militant Christians who will fight to the death rather than be enslaved by any secular--which is just another word for Satanic--regime in the USA. Read our strategy OR Watch any of the videos like this one that I made during the Horsley for Governor campaign and you will see real undeniable evidence that Christians in the USA are being moved by Lord Holy Ghost to prepare to fight to the death to return the Law of the Lord Jesus Christ to His rightful place of authority in the USA. That is a militant Christian camp if there ever was one (and history is replete with evidence this is not the first time Lord Holy Ghost has moved His people toward war), a Christian camp that the world needs to know about!

The media cannot ignore the truth much longer. Or can it?

It depends on you!

The American news media is committed to splitting the world into two camps: the Muslim Terrorists and the Secular Global Good Guys. There is another camp: the Christian camp. You can pretend you can ignore us but your pretense feeds the temptation to Terror exactly as it has fed the Muslim Terrorist camp.

It is to defuse that temptation that the news media must acknowledge the formation of the Christian Camp in the USA. But since the American media is the vanguard of the Secular Camp, we must force the media to cover our actions or they will attempt to make us disappear by ignoring us. A groundswell will make it impossible for the media to ignore us.

If we create a groundswell of people demanding that the news media admit that there is another camp on this planet--the camp of the Army of the Lord Jesus Christ--and that camp, while slow to anger, and desiring only to speak the truth in love, is every bit, if not more, dangerous to the peace and prosperity of this world than any camp which looks to Osama bin Laden as its head, then we cannot be ignored.

What makes the camp of the Army of the Lord Jesus Christ so dangerous is it lies in the midst of the United States of America and is composed of people who are literally indistinguishable from the secular majority which presently looks to the Obamanation for its leadership, succor and support. Those militant Christians are organizing now to nullify the evil laws forced down our throats by the Obamanation of Desolation.

The FBI knows all about what I'm saying here. Not a month ago, I spent three hours talking to three FBI agents where we examined every aspect of the strategy that I advocate in my campaign for Governor. They did not arrest me because everything I am talking about is perfectly legal.

Now obviously the government agents can come arrest me at any time of the day or night for any bogus reason their minds can vomit forth. And obviously, as they did when they arrested me and Jonathan O'Toole for allegedly threatening to murder Sir Sodomite, Elton John, they can put anybody in jail for just about any length of time on any bogus charges. But that does not change the fact that if we don't break the law, they finally have to let us go, like they had to let me and Jonathan O'Toole go.

Why? We didn't break the law, that's why. As Romans 13:3 says, "For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you."

As the Muslim cleric states clearly, the question before us is who is Sovereign. If you think the Lord Jesus Christ is Sovereign in this nation and this world through His Law defined in 1 Tim. 1:8-11 enforced by Lord Holy Ghost leading His people in power, then you really need to help the ground start to swell. I guarantee you when the ground swells enough, the news media will come running.

Please help the groundswell!

Now obviously if you contact me at the telephone number below or respond to the email, the federal government will know about it because only a fool would ignore the fact that I'm about as tapped by the government as a man can be. But that's the point. The groundswell must consist of Christians and others who are not afraid to fight to the death, they must know that the Declaration of Independence defines God's plan for government and that plan must be defended to the death or people who call themselves servants of the Creator are liars if they're not serving in Osama bin Laden's army. That's right, the Muslims act like they know that the secular camp is Satan's Camp. The people who contact me must have the courage to stand in the face of both the armed camps: the Muslims and the secular Federal government of the USA.

The point is the army we are organizing is the only alternative to bin Laden's army or the secular (read Satanic) army of the United States of America. If you're not willing to stand up and be counted in the Camp I'm talking about, you're already a member of one of the other two camps.

Now can you see the power of this plan!? It is by showing the news media the groundswell that is occurring that we will be able to command access to the mass media that will allow us to tell millions of people about the camp that God is forming WITHIN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We can talk to the world exactly like the Muslim cleric shown above got to talk to the world, except we don't have to blow up the world trade center to get the American media's attention. We just have to show that the ground is beginning to swell in the United States of America. Any moron knows that if the ground starts swelling, tremendous power is gathering beneath the ground, power that will erupt like Mt. St. Helens if it continues to swell. We can make that ground swell occur! And the news media cannot ignore it! Will you help us?

If you're not willing to stand up and be counted, then I hope you've got sense enough to know that proves you are already in one of the other two armies the Muslim Cleric interviewed above talked about: the Muslim Camp or the Secular camp led by Obama. You're in SOME army by default simply by being alive today. If you're not in combat in your default army, you're a shirker, a coward by any definition in any dictionary on earth--except your private coward's dictionary.

UPDATE: July 26, 2011, In Norway, a man who identified himself as a Christian massacred nearly a hundred people, young people mostly. During the days subsequent to the massacre, the man explained his attack by using much of the language you saw in this article. The difference between that man's attack and this article is the difference between an attempt to warn people about imminent death and bringing that death to them. That man was acting without authority in an private act of terrorism. You must understand such private actions are literally the most inevitable actions on earth unless you help us create the groundswell that will alert those who want to see themselves as Christians how to fight this war to the death.

But like deer caught in the headlights, the Christians of the world ignored this article, no groundswell was created even though nearly a year lapsed between the warning and the attack that proved this article was not idle rhetoric, not empty or vain words, but a real warning to the world about the imminent danger before us all, danger not from Muslim terrorists but from Christian terrorists like Anders Behring Breivik. How about now: will you help us create the groundswell? Even a deer can break out of the headlights if he is supposed to survive.

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