Exposing Evil in Georgia

On Mar 10, 2010, almost eight months before the election for Georgia Governor, my campaign headquarters shown below was invaded by fifteen armed men and women--Armed not with the normal police weapons but armed like a tactical military attack force is armed: with huge automatic weapons and armored like medieval knights.

I was thrown on my face to the floor to lie prostrate before my invaders like a monk before his Pope.

I was incarcerated for weeks without access to the public

This is an example the Atlanta TV News Coverage of my arrest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ283ZkzycY

I am running for Governor to outlaw sodomy, among other things, in Georgia. When the Sodomite, Elton John, called my Lord Jesus Christ a "gay man" in public, I was handed a perfect example of why sodomy must be illegal in Georgia and went about publicizing it. Thatís what I was arrested for doing!

Now, instead of electing me, the people of Georgia are doing everything in their power to put me--along with my key campaign workers--in prison. Not only that, an evil shroud has fallen over this legal lynching of a Georgia gubernatorial candidate. The people of Georgia have hired journalists to censor what is being done to me in exactly the way Georgia journalists censored the evils of slavery before the Civil War. Did you know that? Do you care?

The argument of events proves you don't.

No wonder I'm headed for prison instead of the Governor's Mansion. What is happening to me proves the people of Georgia are in bed with abortionists and homosexuals. The argument of events proves that, unless they repent, the people of Georgia are as hell bound as Sir Sodomite, Elton John, the Georgia resident who stood before a national audience and called the Lord Jesus Christ a sodomite.

I can say these things about the people of Georgia because my indictment reads (the capitalization is as shown in the indictment), "THE GRAND JURORS, selected, chosen and sworn for the County of Fulton, to wit: in the name and behalf of the citizens of Georgia, do charge and accuse OTIS O'NEAL HORSLEY with the offense of TERRORIST THREATS O.C.G.A. 16-11-37, for the said accused, in the County of Fulton and the State of Georgia, on the 25th day of February, 2010, DID THREATEN TO COMMIT A CRIME OF VIOLENCE, TO WIT: MURDER WITH THE PURPOSE OF TERRORIZING SIR ELTON HERCULES JOHN; contrary to the laws of said State, the good order, peace and dignity thereof..."

On 10 Mar 2010 I was arrested for standing on a public sidewalk holding a sign outside the residence of Elton John, an avowed sodomite who resides in Atlanta. I confronted Elton John because Sir Sodomite had announced in a national magazine read by millions of people that my Lord Jesus Christ was gay. The word gay is known to every reasonable person in this nation to refer to a homosexual, one who receives orgasm by having sexual intercourse with a person of the same sex.

You can see the youtube video that documents exactly what I was arrested for doing:


But to date, the people of Georgia, instead of defending the Lord Jesus Christ and His Law, are willing to stand by and do nothing as thugs working for Sir Sodomite, Elton John, attempt to put me in prison for the rest of my life, or at least the next 10 years. And instead of the people of Georgia being shocked at my treatment, instead of the Christians of the USA being aroused at the legal lynching of a candidate for Governor of Georgia whose campaign slogan is "No Law But God's Law: I Tim. 1:8-11", virtual silence has descended around my campaign.

Why is this happening to me?

I'll tell you why. In a nation where Christians have been trained to do nothing when little unborn babies are legally butchered in the thousands around them each day, in a nation that embraces the opposite of God's law and calls it law, it is easy to do nothing when a Gubernatiorial Candidate is legally lynched for doing nothing more than exposing the evil going on around him.

After the initial story of my arrest and incarceration was published, no Georgia Journalist, no Journalist at all, has tried to report why a duly announced Candidate for Governor of Georgia was silenced in such a brutal and unprecedented manner. Furthermore, Christian legal defense organizations across the country have refused my appeals for assistance in defending myself against this unprecedented attack on my freedom of Speech and my freedom of Religion.

It is this context of socialized ignorance of evil--evil that substitutes the opposite of God's law against abortion and sodomy and calls it the law of the land--that "THE PEOPLE OF GEORGIA" have been trained to live with, trained like slaves were once trained to serve the very people who held them in bondage.

Please don't think for a second that this is the unsupported ramblings of an insane or even unreasonable man: you will be proven wrong if you rely on that lie to ignore me. If you have eyes to see, it will become obvious to you that everything that has happened to me is designed by Georgia government's authorities to prevent me from running for Governor of this State. As you think about what is happening to me, you will see that the States of this nation, far from being bastions of liberty and free speech and free religion, are now what the slave States have been in the most terrible times of the past, bastions of Satan, intent on destroying the Will of God on earth.

If you do not grant at least the possibility that my accusations are true, you forget Geogia Journalism before the Civil War; You forget the consensus story about Georgia Journalism in antebellum America written in every history book published in the last twenty years. You forget there was a time when Georgia Journalists covered every story under the sun...except one, the story of slavery. And with that one story, there was nothing that deserved the name of journalism applied to it. Instead of printing the facts surrounding slavery in Georgia, the story was told from only one point of view. And you know who's point of view that was. The slave owner.

Histories published today are replete with the record of almost total censorship that ruled Georgia Journalism before the Civil War. Everyone knows why Georgia Journalism only covered one side of the slavery story: The slave owners were the ruling class; Their point of view ruled the minds, hearts and souls...and guns...of virtually every person in Georgia; Anyone who would not bow to the point of view of the slave owner had to leave Georgia or risk almost certain death. Nothing is more certain than that story of Georgia Journalism before the Civil War.

What is happening to my campaign for Governor of Georgia is a mirror image of the evil censorship applied by Georgia Journalism to the story of slavery. Look at what is happening to my campaign for Governor and you will see that Georgia Journalism today is at the service of another evil point of view, a point of view at least as tyrannical, at least as self-serving, at least as inhuman as the point of view of the most vile slave owner before the civil war. Now Georgia Journalism is in the service of the abortionists and the homosexuals in Georgia and the rest of the world. In their service Georgia Journalism has now entered a new season of censorship, a new season of evil.

Every thing short of death has been thrown against me to stop my campaign for Governor of Georgia because I am the only candidate in the nation with a plan that can outlaw abortion and sodomy.

I don't make these accusations lightly, or with malice. I am a graduate of the old Henry W. Grady School of Journalism at the University of Georgia, where I was trained to be a true journalist, one who was equipped to overcome the evil past of Georgia Journalism, the past that had been tarred with the brush of slavery. So it is with real tears that I relate the certain facts that show how Georgia Journalism has once again come under the spell of the evil censors.

What will you do about this? Ignore it and you risk the destruction of the United States of America. And that is not a terroristic threat: it is a promise from God.

It bears repeating: Ignore the video that follows at your children's peril, and your nation's peril...and your soul's peril.


As God is my witness, not even death itself will silence me. But I need your help. All you need to do right now is contact a reporter or some other media representative and tell them about the evil silence that has settled around the Horsley for Governor campaign. The sound of your voice is all it takes to combat evil. Speak now, or bear the consequences.

Neal Horsley

Update On This Story: TV Coverage of Trial

Latest Update: On Dec 29, 2010 it was reported that Sir Sodomite, or Lady Sodomite, whichever it is, and its sex partner paid a surrogate mother to carry some sperm to become a born human being. The baby was chosen to live in the parenting environment created by the homosex partners. The news stories did not state whose sperm was used to impregnate the baby's biological mother, nor was the method of sperm implantation specified. One of my friends suggested a turkey baster was used. Evidence seems to suggest that it is unlikely a penis got anywhere near the mother.

Anyway, the following picture of me is worth a 1000 words, some of which I will spend now.

About the beard. When Sir Sodomite had me arrested I was not allowed sharp things in jail so my beard began to grow. Everytime I looked in the mirror I was reminded by my beard to think about what Sir Sodomite had done to me and how powerless I was to resist all the millions of dollars he used to move the government to attack me. In turn that made me think about the powerless widow in Luke 18:1-8. So I decided not to shave until God had His vengeance on Sir Sodomite because the beard reminded me every time I looked in the mirror to pray like the persistent widow prayed.

The length of my beard on Dec 31, 2010 is a testimony to the fact that God has not shown Sir Sodomite what His vengeance looks like. In fact Sir Sodomite looks like he is thriving becoming a new mummy and all--or new daddy, whichever role he plays in the homosex relationship. (Looks like the mummy to me, in which case it would be Lady Sodomite, not Sir Sodomite. But I digress.)

The length of my beard is also evidence that I am still waiting for God's vengeance to be revealed. I will post another picture in 2011 if Sir Sodomite has not gone to meet the Lord, there to find out what unrepentant liars who call the Lord Jesus Christ a homosexual have waiting on the other side of this life.

God continues to teach me much from this battle with the homosexuals. For example, I have learned that one of the things I can do better as an old man than as a young is grow a beard.

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