Emigrant Aid Society:

Harbinger of Civil War

I was led recently to write an article entitled "Civil War Ruins." After writing that article, the article you are now reading was impossible not to write.

A cursory examination of the events leading to the Civil War will find that, aside from the existence of chattel slavery itself, no event structured America for war more than the formation of The New England Emigrant Aid Company (originally the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company) which was a transportation company created to transport immigrants to Kansas Territory to shift the balance of power so that Kansas would enter the United States as a free state rather than a slave state.  Everything that followed that led inexorably to the Civil War can be traced to the formation of the emigrant aid society.   Bleeding Kansas bled, and America eventually bled, because serious fighting men like John Brown pictured above had been financed to come to Kansas, there to set the stage to settle the matter of chattel slavery in the USA.

It is our prayer that a new Emigrant Aid Society can settle the plight of the unborn children of God in the same way the plight of the dark skinned children of God was settled--if not though compromise, through the agency of War. 

What makes the creation of an Emigrant Aid Society today a truly startling development is it proves the determination of Americans who support it to retrace the Road to Civil War if that is what is necessary to restore the Right to Life to unborn children created by the only God with the power to create human beings.

Emigrant Aid Society, A Signal Event

Nothing will prevent the creation of an Emigrant Aid Society from being a story of national and international importance IF we will ensure the Emigrant Aid Society grows, and keeps growing until the critical mass is reached that makes it impossible for the national media to ignore what is happening around us in this nation. The creation of an Emigrant Aid Society like the one that preceded the Civil War will make it impossible for anyone to deny that sufficient resources exists to  provide enough aid to enough people to shift the political balance of power in one State in this nation in the direction of that State's Rights. If restoring God's Law to its rightful place of authority is seen to be the will of the majority in that State even if it requires Civil War to accomplish that restoration, then we will have set the stage for either Civil War or national compromise on the laws governing abortion and sodomy.

If we create the Emigrant Aid Society that allows such a State to be populated, then the national stage will have been set for the resolution of the most important question ever to face the American people since the nation was founded. Will The Creator's Rights be seen to be the foundation upon which all human Rights are based, Or is The Creator to be written out of history as a mere interlude during what the eminent mythologist Joseph Campbell called, "the dear childhood of the brain?"

That is the question before us today.

I know the Emigrant Aid Society idea contains altogether too many IF's. Much money will be required to implement this idea. But the beauty of the idea is this: no one has to do anything today. No one has to spend a penny, no one has to emigrate, no one has to do anything but accept the idea as a legitimate expression of the Will of God for right now.

We live in an information society where ideas precede the event, where the will of the people have the power to create the argument of events. As today's newspaper proves, comparatively few headlines are written about what were once called "acts of God"; it is the actions of individuals and the groups of those people who support mutual ideas, support ideas enough to give of their substance, to give of their lives, that write the pages of history today.

So it is with this idea. If the idea is supported, at a certain point of citizen support, critical mass will have been reached. At that point, the national news media will have to admit that enough people are supporting the idea of State Nullification of Evil Federal Law so that nobody knows when and where the Migration to a Nullifying State will become a reality. At that point we will be writing the headlines, and for the most part we will not have to do anything different than what we are doing today. We will simply embody a new and most threatening idea, an idea that can take the USA to the brink, or beyond the brink, of Civil War.

Think about what it means that such a story can become real in this nation. It means that there are enough people in this nation who are prepared to treat the Law of the Lord Jesus Christ as the True Government of this nation so that the nation will have to go to Civil War to stop those people from having a State where the Law of their God rules their land. Now that's what I call critical mass, a critical mass that can be more powerful than the most powerful bomb ever built.

That critical mass begins when you support this idea. It is this idea alone that does not depend on the support of any national majority for its fruition; it is this idea alone that has not already been tried and failed to restore The Creator's Rights in this nation. It is this idea alone that forces the USA to come face to face with an emerging Civil War unless the Law of Christ is restored to authority in this nation.

So here's where you come in. With the creation of an Emigrant Aid Society like the one that populated Kansas before the Civil War, you can literally bring the Will of God to life in this nation without doing anything except what the Lord leads you to do right where you sit today.

Won't you help? If not, why not? That's a real question, not rhetorical. I don't need naysayers but I do need to know how to go from the bare bones (oops, is that a terroristic image?) outline of a world-changing idea to the resources necessary to make that idea come to life.

I'm a strategist, not a money man. I don't have a pot to piss in. I live in a warehouse, for Christ's sake!

But that is the point. I do not take the Lord's Name in vain. I live in a warehouse for Christ's sake. This idea is one He gave me to send to you. I think this is what He wants to see happen NEXT. If I am wrong, tell my why. If I am not wrong, then you will either help, or you will be seen to be, at best, a disobedient child of The King, or, at worst...



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