Why Elton John Must Die
(February 25, 2010) Elton John is reported to have five houses scattered across the earth.  One of them is in Atlanta, Georgia.  There, hidden in the heart of Buckhead, historically the enclave of Georgia's wealthiest and most powerful people, is a story of life and death that Neal Horsley will expose by bringing The Creator's Rights party to Elton John's house in Buckhead.
Holy Scripture makes it clear that, just as we all must die, Elton John must die.  But Elton John has made himself a unique example of a person slated for death.  Just as the Holy Ghost killed Ananias and Sapphira for lying to God, so too does Elton John await death for lying about the Lord Jesus Christ.
Elton John said Jesus was a "gay" man.
As every literate person on earth knows, in that scurrilous lie, Elton John described the Lord Jesus Christ as a man who would bring himself to sexual orgasm by inserting his penis into the anal orifice of other men encrusting it with feces, or by sucking other men's penises.
A more horrible lie against God can hardly be imagined.  Yet the Christian Anti-defamation League merely asked Elton John for an apology!   And the vast majority of Christians in this nation went about their business as if nothing that demanded their attention was happening when a popular living icon uttered rank blasphemy against the Lord Jesus Christ.
Elton John has drawn a line across this planet that everybody on earth ALREADY knows about.  When Elton John blasphemed the Lord Jesus Christ in the most shockingly evil terms imagainable, the whole world begins to think about WHO Jesus Christ really is.
The reaction of Christians to Elton John's attack will do more in this generation to prove who Jesus Christ is than anything that has happened in our life time.  In fact, and in truth, the reaction of Christians to Elton John's blasphemous lies demonstrates to the world whether Christians are liars when they say they believe the Lord Jesus Christ is risen from the grave, or people who actually know that the Lord Jesus Christ is God incarnate.
Nobody can believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is risen from the grave, nobody can believe that Jesus is God incarnate and, at the same time, believe He is a perverted sexual outlaw who violated the law of God.
Such an evil accusation against the Lord Jesus Christ requires much more than an apology.  Neal Horsley, candidate for Georgia Governor in 2010, will make it clear that God requires not an apology from Elton John, but repentance.
Every Christian in the world should join with him in calling for repentance.
But there will only be a few people with Neal Horsley today when he stands to expose Elton John's evil to the world.  That's because the Christians of Georgia and the world are ignoring the rampant evil unleashed in our midst.  That's why  Elton John is not the only one Neal Horsley is calling to repentance today.  Just as God is going to require Elton John's life for his crime against God unless he repents, so, too, is God going to destroy the United States of America unless we repent for aiding and abetting outlaws like Elton John rather than arresting them as God's law requires.
Horsley for Governor intends to arrest this evil in the State of Georgia by nullifying the evil federal laws allowing abortion and homosexual acts that have brought the people of Georgia into collaboration with evil when he is elected Governor of Georgia.  That's right.  Neal Horsley will restore God's law to its rightful place of authority in the State of Georgia, or he will die trying. That is his campaign promise.
Lord Holy Ghost intends to show the people of Georgia which will come first--Elton John's death for lying about the Lord Jesus Christ being a Sodomite, or Neal Horsley's death for trying to restore God's law in the United States.
This is the story that is developing today in Georgia.  It is only fitting that the press cover this developing story.
As Neal Horsley exposes the evil at Elton John's dwelling at Park Place in Buckhead at 2660 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Ga, at 2 PM on Thursday and Friday February 25 and 26, 2010, and at other dates presently unannounced, he will be available  to explain these things more fully to anyone interested from the press.
Go Here to see us confront Elton John in Buckhead, Atlanta.
Go Here to see the nightmare that Elton John is now having because of his perfidious blasphemy of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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