College Student Wrote Me:

Hi, I am a Student at Georgia State University. We are researching the candidates for this year race to Governor and I am very interested in what you stand for. I would like to know more about your feelings towards education. What do you see in this state's future of education? Do you feel that we compete nationally or are we lagging? How do you feel about the literacy of this state? What could we do better? What needs to change? Where do you see education going if you are elected Governor? Please let me know how you feel about any of these issues. I am eagerly awaiting your response. Thank you for your time and thoughts.


I answered:

As I'm sure you understand, education is a matter of priorities.  And a Governor's primary duty is to define a State's priorities.
This nation will be destroyed by God unless we reestablish God's laws against abortion and other sexual crimes.  To pretend education--however the word is defined--is a higher priority than that is national suicide.
When we reestablish God's law, then would be the time to talk about education beyond the lesson I presently embody.
Examine the Newnan Prophesy at if you need more information.

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