Dead Docket

(Christian Gallery News Service, 1/18/2012) "Dead Docket" is a new concept I learned yesterday when my lawyer told me the deal the prosecutor was willing to offer me in the case they've brought against me for showing pictures of dead babies in public where little children can see them if they are not blind or previously aborted themselves.  A case like mine can be put on "dead docket" when the prosecutor decides to effectively treat me like I'm on probation even though no trial has occurred to find me guilty of a crime.  What makes it a "dead docket" is the prosecutor promises to drop the charges if I comply with the deal agreed upon for a specified period of time--a year in my case. 
The deal the prosecutor offered me is this:  I take both the two pictures I have been charged with showing off my campaign vehicles and leave them off for a year.  Then after a year, the prosecutor drops the charges against me and I don't have to go to trial or jail.
These are the pictures: 1. Baby's Head In Context

The police have already confiscated (Orwellian word meaning stolen) the sign above,

so it does not  figure in the dead docket deal they are offering me, since I can't display a sign for a year that they've already stolen from me.

So the following picture is the one I have to remove if the terms of the "dead docket" deal offered to me are fulfilled.  It's the picture on my campaign trailer of the baby's head being held by forceps:
I told my attorney to tell the Prosecutor that I did not want to go to jail, but I could not in good conscience remove the baby's head in forceps picture since it was the best image I knew of to show people the meaning of the word "abortion" which I was running for Governor to outlaw.  I would agree not to show the picture with the missing vagina since I couldn't show it anyway, seeing as how the cops have already stolen it from me, and I don't have the resources to reproduce it.
So that was my counterproposal to keep from going to jail: I would leave my campaign vehicle as it now is arrayed, otherwise they will have to take me to trial.
The proposed trial date is June, 2012.
I'm now waiting to see what the Prosecutor says to my counterproposal.
The interesting thing is this: my campaign vehicle has been allowed to be seen in public exactly as you see it in the last picture above all this time I have been out of jail on bail.  The police have not tried to confiscate the baby's head picture like they confiscated the alleged vagina picture, yet the prosecutor is now trying to get me to take down the baby's head picture the police have allowed to be seen in public every day for the last X number of months since they originally arrested me and charged me with showing obscene pictures to children.  The same school buses go by my campaign headquarters every day; the same children see the picture of the baby's head.  But now they tell me I have to take the picture down or face going to jail over it.
Or at least that's what the prosecutor is  threatening.  I think my counterproposal is a reasonable solution to this problem.  What do you think?
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