Civil War Ruins


Neal Horsley

(August 12, 2010) Authentic Civil War ruins are few and far between in the South. It's easy to understand why.

Most Southerners didn't then and don't today want to be reminded of the defeat. So people long ago tore down reminders which nature might have left standing. If evidence of the Civil War period remains today, it is normally seen in things that glorify the "Old South"--in the preserved plantations scattered across the south, or in the estates of the wealthy Southerners who lived in cities like Charleston or Biloxi.

But sitting beside a beautiful river near Atlanta is a real Civil War ruin, one that testifies to the dual meaning of the word "ruin."

   The mill below was built in 1849 on Sweetwater Creek, about 15 miles west of Atlanta. It was once the largest factory in North Georgia but by 1864 most of the men were fighting in the Confederate Army, so the 60 to 70 employees at the mill consisted mostly of slaves, and women and their children. A small contingent of Georgia Militia known as the “Sweetwater Guards”, were stationed at the mill.


On July 2, 1864 Union Cavalry commanded by General George Stoneman captured the mill and village around it. On July 9th the mill was destroyed as Stoneman's men poured flammable liquid on every floor and set the building ablaze. This is what remains of the factory on August 10, 2010.

It's a near miracle, given the humidity in Georgia and the many years since the Civil War, that a five story brick structure still stands without any internal support at all, stands as a testimony to the destruction of Civil War. Given the weight of those walls, anything but strong mortar and pure perpendicular would have come crashing down long ago. Obviously the people who built that factory knew how to read a plumb line, and read it well. So the ruins remain.

Ruin can be a noun--as in the picture above--or ruin can be a verb, as in the Civil War Ruined the South.

This article about "Civil War Ruins" includes both meanings.

That's because I represent people who are organizing to take this nation to Civil War again rather than surrender to the federal government who is destroying the Law of Jesus Christ and replacing it with the diametric opposite of the Law of Christ; specifically, where Jesus Christ says murder is against the law and sodomy against the law, the government of this nation says the opposite. For this reason we are preparing for Civil War. And the people I represent are doing this with the full knowledge that Civil War Ruins.

I am running for Governor of Georgia, as my position paper states, not because I think I will be elected in 2014--or any time in Georgia--but to find people like myself who are willing to die rather than stand by and allow the Law of the Lord Jesus Christ to be usurped in this nation.

The vast majority who know about my campaign understand that if the people I represent can obtain the power to rule one State--any State--we will become a State where God's law rules. Either that, or this nation will have to kill us all.

And then the whole world will be reminded that Civil War Ruins.


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