Why Children Must Be Shown Pictures of Aborted Babies

Parents teach their children that children are to be kind and loving to little babies. It is one of the first and most important lessons parents teach children. As children pass the stage of infants and are able to walk and talk themselves, they are occasionally given access to infants. Unless parents have taught their children to be loving and kind and gentle--above all gentle--with any little babies they encounter, tragic mistakes can easily occur between young rambunctious children and utterly defenseless infants.

To impress this teaching on their own children, parents use the most loving and beautiful terms the parents have in their vocabulary and the warmest, most loving emotions they can convey to impress their children with the love and gentleness that must be shown to infants.

And their children are most always in agreement, as if they were being taught the most obvious truth in the world. Children know, even if they cannot remember the time, that they were once infants themselves. When their parents talk in their loving beautiful words about how precious infants are and how nothing is more important than not hurting them and keeping them safe from harm, our children respond with the warmth of loving feeling, with the unfettered spontaneous love God gives to young children.

But in addition to teaching their children to be gentle with defenseless infants, parents have a duty to teach their children about the dangers as well as the beauty of the world they have been created for.

Any parent who tries to pretend they can block the knowledge of the dangers of this world from the minds of their children and thereby afford their children a peace of mind that exists because the knowledge of danger has never entered their mind is a threat to their own born children, perhaps one of the greatest threats their children will ever face.

What child could survive in a poisonous snake infested area who was never warned about snakes? Or what child can survive pedophiles who is not warned in some effective way to avoid them? That is why there are few parents who do not warn their children of the dangers in the world around them.

In fact it is because of these inevitable teaching sessions where parents--the mother mostly--teaches her children to love infants yet also teaches their children to avoid horrible evil that the unexpected appearance of the picture of a horribly mutilated infant where the child can see it becomes one of the most offensive images most parents can imagine.

I know about this subject because the people of the State of Georgia are in the process of putting me in prison for showing their children images of aborted children.

Instead of apologizing for breaking their law, I am trying to explain why the same children that we teach to be gentle, loving and kind whenever they encounter infants must be shown pictures of what an aborted infant looks like so they can be equipped to deal with the greatest danger they will encounter at this time in history: the danger of becoming double-minded hypocrites about the value of each and every human being like their parents have become.

Every child arrives at the meaning of an image by comparing it to what the child already knows. For a child taught to love infants to then see the image of a mutilated infant is to arrive at an obvious meaning: something terrible has happened: one who was supposed to be loved had this! happen to them.

Children today must grow up in a nation and a world that has legalized the willful slaughter of unborn babies because we the people of the United States of America have learned to tolerate it: the images of murder no longer shock us. I have learned to tolerate it, but because I am about to be put in prison for resisting legalized abortion, you have learned to tolerate it much better than me.

But the fact remains, everybody who has not either been killed trying to stop it or incarcerated for trying to stop it, has learned to tolerate legalized abortion.

In fact our young children might be the only people walking the street who have not learned to tolerate legalized abortion.

We have a choice to either teach our children to tolerate it or listen to our children tell us what they know to be true when they realize they are looking at the mangled dead body of a little baby, the same truth we taught them except filtered through the eyes of a person who has not been brainwashed into tolerating legalized abortion.

And that's why, not only do I not apologize for having shown children the pictures of aborted babies, I actively encourage others to do the same...at least while I'm not in jail where the only people I can talk to are folks who couldn't show pictures in public if they wanted to.

For any person to take any other strategy with their children than the one I have taken not only might be the death of their children, but will certainly prove that the parents of those children are still dead in their trespasses and sins, no more saved than the most profligate heathen. After all, the way you tell a person is not dead in their sins is they confess them so they can be cleansed of all unrighteousness. This generation of Christians no more confesses their sin of toleration of baby sacrifice than ancient Israel did before they were taken into captivity. Psalms 106.

Neal 8/5/11

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