Vogelsberg Baker Inspires New Song

(11/29/11) While working on the business idea to generate cash for the AOG strategy, I went to a local Christian baker because she makes great pastry and I wanted to see if she'd let me sell it for her. The owner wasn't available, so over the weekend I left my testimony about why I fight abortion to be sure she'd know why I was approaching her and told them I'd return on Monday.
When I went back at the first of the week and asked her if she'd read the testimony, she said she'd glanced at it but hadn't read it.

I told her my testimony explained why I was fighting abortion and asked her what she thought about abortion.

Now this is a business with a large model of the Ten Commandments cut in stone outside their entrance clearly identifying her as either a Christian or some kind of Bible believing Jew.
Below is the picture outside the bakery.

Here's what she told me when I asked her what she thought about legalized abortion (I wrote the verbatim statement down shortly after the conversation was over), "Well, I wouldn't have an abortion myself, but as for others, to each his own," my inspiring baker said.

I replied, "I guess that answers my questions." And left.

But I was literally bedeviled all week by the idea that people, even maybe Christians, were out there saying and believing what she had told me.

It put everything in perspective for me. All that a Christian had to do to justify every form of collaboration that grieved and vexed my soul would be to decide that God wants us to hold up the Ten Commandments as our personal standard but decide as far as everybody else is concerned, "To each his own."

Anyway, to show you how the Lord works in me (at least that's what I believe is happening) I woke up this morning with a song playing in my brain, playing loud enough to wake me up. Except I had never heard the song before this morning.
Fact is, my God used the baker to inspire me to bring this song to the here and now.

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