Preface: A serious problem in understanding the message in the Bible has been created by the world's use of such words as faith, infidel, unbeliever, etc. Those words have been co-opted by the world so that everyone understands there is no such thing as a person without faith, no such thing as a person who does not believe. The world is being trained to have faith in faith. Everyone has faith; everyone believes something. So when the Bible talks about unbelievers, when the Bible talks about faith, no one thinks they are being challenged by God's word.

So to combat this rampant usurpation of the meaning of the words in the Bible, I am trying to find words that will clarify what the Bible is referring to when it talks about the unbeliever, when it talks about the infidel, when it talks about faith, when it talks about the Lord Jesus Christ. I wrote the article below to tell you that everybody who does not believe in the One, True Jesus Christ of Nazareth is an anti-Christ Christian by default.

Identifying the Anti-Christ Christian

Before you surrender to the thought that an anti-christ Christian is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms, a physical impossibility, consider this: serial murderers claim to be Christians, terrorists claim to be Christians, pedophiles claim to be Christians, homosexuals claim to be Christians. Is it not likely that at least some of these professing Christians are in fact anti-christ? It is not only possible; it is as obvious as the sun in the sky on a cloudless day at noon, if you will open your eyes and look.

Most people, certainly most Christians, are taught to think of anti-christ as some individual person who is to be revealed some time in the future. But that's not how I'm using the word. I'm saying that anti-christ is anyone who is opposed to the Lord Jesus Christ, anyone who instead of serving Jesus Christ is working in opposition against Him. Anti-Christ.

Here's how you can identify an anti-christ Christian.

All it takes to be an anti-Christ Christian is to believe that Jesus Christ gives everyone the "liberty", the "right", to believe whatever they want to believe about Jesus Christ. Let me say the same thing the way the anti-Christ Christians say it: God gives everyone the liberty of conscience to interpret the Lord Jesus Christ according to their own conscience's dictates.

See the "logic" of the anti-Christ Christians? If they have the "liberty" of conscience so they can interpret Jesus Christ anyway they want, then that means there are as many Jesuses as there are people to interpret Him.

And right there is the anti-Christ Christian. There is only one Jesus Christ. One. Not one and a half. Not two. Not three. The Lord Jesus Christ does not give people the "liberty" to describe Him any way they want. The Lord Jesus Christ left the Holy Ghost here on the ground with us so that those who are in Christ would know Him all the same way at the same time. That's the work of the Holy Spirit--to move people to understand the One, True God the SAME way. That's how we walk in the Spirit of God. If we don't understand the Lord Jesus Christ the same way, we must understand that we must seek the work of the Holy Spirit so that we can know the One, True God. Otherwise we risk being anti-christ Christians.

The test for anti-Christ is whether or not a person is willing to know the One, True Jesus. If a person insists that Jesus is whoever anyone believes Him to be, or maybe even unknowable AS HE IS, then that person is anti-christ. And if they call themselves a Christian, they are an anti-christ Christian.

I am driven to write about this because right now the anti-Christ Christians have taken over virtually every Christian congregation in the United States of America--maybe the world, but I can only speak with personal knowledge of the Christian congregations in the USA.

Look at the United States of America and you will see that churches are being burned right and left, pastors are being gunned down, ushers are being assassinated, every conceivable sin is rampant in congregations of people who call themselves Christian. That's because anti-christ Christians have forfeited the protection of the Holy Ghost. They forfeited His protection the moment they grieved and quenched His Spirit by telling people they had the liberty of conscience to believe whatever they wanted to believe about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord Holy Ghost won't tolerate liars who call themselves Christians lying about the Lord Jesus Christ--lying about what He loves, and lying about what He hates. Lord Holy Ghost will leave those lying Christians even more alone than the people on earth who claim to know nothing about the Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Holy Ghost will stay closer to a non-repentant, most sinful, sinner than He will a lying Christian who claims people have the "right" to believe anything they want to believe about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord Holy Ghost is most intolerant about some things. Those things are the things that have to do with His job.

Lord Holy Ghost was left here to remind us of everything the Lord Jesus Christ ever said, thought or did. Plus Lord Holy Ghost was left here to reprove the world of sin, of righteousness and of judgment. When people who call themselves Christians interfere with the work of the Holy Ghost, they grieve Him, they quench Him, and they make themselves WORSE than the people who claim to know nothing whatsoever about the Lord Jesus Christ. If such people persist in calling themselves Christians, they finally blaspheme the Holy Ghost and commit the unforgivable sin, making themselves worse than those who have not committed the unforgivable sin..

So here's the point. There is only One Jesus Christ, just like there is only One Father, and One Holy Ghost. The three are One. ONE. Get it?

If you sense I am speaking the truth, but don't know how to help defend the truth about the Lord Jesus Christ, you will not know the peace that God gives, and you will not understand why you continue to be rejected and despised in this world...despised, that is, unless you decide to do, like the vast majority of people who call themselves Christians today have done, and enter into a most unHoly alliance with this world by agreeing with and entertaining and amening the idea that everyone has the LIBERTY to believe anything they want to believe about the Lord Jesus Christ. Then you won't be despised, you will be like the rest of the people in this world who have rejected the Holy Ghost and entered into alliance with this world. You won't be despised now, like those of us in Christ who are buffeted by every thing around us; but when you go to be with the One, True Jesus Christ, you will be in for the shock of your life when you find yourself despised by the One, True Jesus Christ.

If you don't want to be an anti-christ Christian, please contact me and help me in my campaign for Governor of Georgia.


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