Children Terrorized By Anthony Verdict


Neal Horsley

(July 7, 2011) The Anthony trial is ended and the mother is found not guilty by a jury of her peers.

But the central fact that is obvious to even the youngest language-capable child is this: somebody murdered Caylee Anthony. People do not end up as skeletons with duct tape on their mouths without foul play being involved. Ever.

Guess Which Cat Ate the Canary.

Children are terrorized when they realized that mothers can murder them.

Children are no dummies. They know Caylee was murdered and they know the case is now closed even if law enforcement makes lip sounds like it's not. Children know that law enforcement will no more look for the murderer of Caylee Anthony than O.J. Simpson looked for the murderer of his wife and her decapitated fellow fornicator. Case closed.

And that's what terrorizes the children the most: the knowledge that mothers can murder little children and get away with it.

Little children should get used to things like this in the United States of America. Old people should get used to it as well.

In a nation that legalizes the murder of the smallest of the people among us, it is an absolute certainty that every other person who might be deemed unwanted by their mother is in mortal danger of being murdered.

Mark my words: payback can be hell in a nation like this one is today. Those little children will grow up someday. And when they look at the parents who let such a hellish world develop around them, it will be the easiest thing in the world to murder their own parents when they no longer want them around, murder them as easily and as legally as Caylee Anthony and all the millions of unwanted babies have been murdered in the land of the free and the home of the God bless America, land that I love, stand beside me and guide me by the light that shines from above?...Okay, that was a misprint: by the darkness that glooms from below.

This is what happens when we legalize murder.

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