Linda Gibbons Models Freedom From Sin

Linda Gibbons has done a total of nine years in jail in Canada for the crime of begging women to not kill their unborn babies. Under Court order to not sidewalk counsel, Linda does it anyway, is arrested and jailed. Then as soon as she is released, she starts begging women to not kill their babies...and you get it--the vicious cycle continues.

So what's up with Linda Gibbons? Is she crazy?

Certainly, according to the conventional wisdom of this world, and the conventional wisdom of the Christian consensus, Linda Gibbons is utterly bonkers.

But in the Kingdom of God? Ah, there's another question.

You see, what Linda Gibbons does every time she tries to persuade people to refrain from sacrificing their children to idols is to remove herself from culpability that accrues to people who do nothing in the face of legalized child sacrifice. In effect, and in the Kingdom of God, Linda Gibbons implements the only method she can find that actually accomplishes her being removed from guilt as an accessory before and after the fact of child sacrifice. For, after all, Linda Gibbons cannot be reasonably accused of complicity in the legalized child slaughter going on around her if she is in prison for trying to stop that child slaughter.

Only the most mentally retarded people on the planet can fail to see that Linda Gibbons has found a way to a clean conscience on this planet today.

But legions of people who are not mentally retarded refuse to look at Linda Gibbons because they sense that if they look at Linda Gibbons they would be stricken in their conscience or, in self-defense of their own self-serving life, would be forced to castigate Linda Gibbons as a foolish masochist and no Christian at all.

The problem with Christians taking that position in response to Linda Gibbon's ministry is Christians would logically have to say the same thing about the Lord Jesus Christ that they say about Linda Gibbons. After all, the Lord could have avoided looking like a masochist. All He had to do was refuse to go the cross.

And right there we see the terrible truth of our age, our generation, our time and place in His Story.

Finally Linda Gibbons brings the most ruthlessly terrible message of Jesus Christ alive in our world today. Who can help but tremble when they hear the Lord Jesus Christ proclaim, "For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it." Mat 16:25

Linda Gibbons is not alone in modeling the way to be delivered from culpability in the rampant sin that has overtaken this generation. Linda Gibbons is not alone in bearing a living witness that leaves the vast horde of people who call themselves Christians utterly condemned for being friends with the world for loving pleasure more than the truth, in direct opposition to the clear commands of King Jesus as mediated by Lord Holy Ghost today. Others have found the way of deliverance as well. Their names resonate across the ages: The Apostles: Peter, Paul, the list goes on and on: John Brown, Paul Hill, wait! STOP! Don't come any closer! Don't say Scott Roeder, don't say Linda Gibbons! What are you? A terrorist?


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