God's Will In Life-Creation


Neal Horsley

(11/26/12) God has two ways to show that His Will rules all the creatures He has created. 1. He can give them life, (Acts 17:26-27) 2. He can give them death (Hebrews 2:14). In both instances the will of the creature is utterly dependent upon the will of God.

But in the case of sexual intercourse, chemistry has always had the power to confuse the role the Will of God plays in life-creation decisions.

For example, should a dog decide, after doggy intercourse, that the dog did not want to conceive, the dog could take a pill, or find some contraceptive plant that prevents conception, and thereby make his doggy will appear to be the determinative factor in that particular life-or-not-life transaction. At least in that limited context the dog could have a reasonable basis for thinking that his/her will was the determinative factor in deciding the matter of who is created on earth. And, furthermore, the dog could use that example to convince his doggy will that his will is the only will that needs to be consulted when matters of the creation of life are concerned.

The same situation does not apply when the time comes for the dog to die. Becoming aware that the time of dying is nigh, the dog cannot exercise his/her doggy will and determine not to die. In other words, there is no contraceptive to death. Try as he/she might, they will die as certainly as any certainty imaginable in the mind of man, woman or dog. And the doggy would see that the Will of God ruled.

So what's the point?

When the creature presumes to ignore God's Will

Something similar to the preceding example has happened in this generation that has created historically significant confusion about the Will of God on earth. Today the vast majority of people--even those who claim to know and study and depend on the Will of God--presume to think that they can interpose their will--call it the conception decision--in an arena where the Will of God would normally decide either to bring or not bring life into being on earth. And those people, once their will has interposed and effectively eliminated the opportunity for God's Will to determine the course of events, have been conditioned by people who teach about the Will of God to feel no tremor in either their flesh or their soul that their presumption about the life-creation decision might have created a change in their relationship with the Creator that will finally be revealed the next time they reach a place where the Will of God is the undisputed Sovereign: the time of their dying.

The Importance of this Analysis

For those who believe in a God who has a Will of His Own, this analysis of the way people deal with the Will of God today would be seen to be of utmost importance even if the contents of the analysis were false. For, after all, to such believers in the Will of God, no subject would be more important than a discussion of the Will of God and any error in that subject would be of utmost importance to be corrected.

So let's correct those Christian teachers who only teach a portion of the truth about God's "assent" in matters of abortion and contraception.

Legalized contraception as well as abortion have together created the undeniable historically unprecedented current proliferation of people who interpose their will so that the Creator-God is not given the opportunity to reveal His Will in life-creation decisions. To be specific, even if God did not intend to create life as a result of an act of fornication, interposing the will of someone other than God in either contraception or abortion denies God the opportunity to exercise His Will in that act of intercourse, unless of course God has defined the circumstances in which the individual can exercise the Will of God as His agent--His minister--on earth.

Most of those who teach about the Will of such a God have rationalized the development of legalized abortion and contraception by declaring that nothing in the universe happens without the assent of God. The clear implication of the "assent" theory leads people to think that God does not care enough to stop it, to stop people from interposing their will over His Will in the life-creation decisions.

It is a grave and fatal error to teach such a pernicious message about the Will of the God who creates things. It is an error because the "assent" theory taught in isolation from the rest of the story about the Will of God ignores the fact that there is another time when the will of the individual cannot interpose and prevent the Will of God from being Sovereign. You can see what I'm talking about by examining the plight of outlaws in prison. Before arrest and incarceration, most convicts thought they were getting away with out being punished for their crime. Prison proves otherwise.

The Truth About the Will of God

By omitting the whole truth about the appearance of "assent" from God when criminals break the law of God, much grievous damage has been done both to people and to the truth about the Will of God.

The whole truth about life-creation decisions is in view when people are taught that even if it appears the Will of God assents to His Will being overruled by other wills, that that appearance is false because the time will come, as surely as death itself, when God's Will allows no interposition from others, a time when those who have presumed to overrule His Will see justice done in their lives.

The truth of the matter is those people who have presumed to interpose their will over the Will of God in life-creation decisions will have grieved the Spirit of God in their lives and unless they repent and prove their repentance by teaching everyone around them to do likewise those people will not only have grieved the Spirit of God but will have quenched--extinguished, put out--the Spirit of God in their lives and will find themselves both before as well as on that great and fateful day when the Will of God will reign Supreme--the day of their death--utterly bereft of either the Succor or the eternal life that the Will of God can provide.

I pray this message leads all who have participated in confusing the world about the Will of God in life-creation decisions to repent as I have done and do today.

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