This world can be likened to a game of Godís Texas Holdem.

Godís Texas Holdem is different than the Texas Holdem you know about, but still recognizably similar.

When you learn about Godís Texas Holdem, you will see that itís not improper or sacrilegious at all to play this game. In fact, itís the essence of ďnot sacrilegious.Ē

First, God is the dealer.

And God has constructed His Texas Holdem so that every person is in the game.

And God has already dealt the flop.

And God gets to decide how many cards are dealt after the flop.

Nobody at the table knows how many cards will be dealt after the flop. Thatís the main difference between Godís Texas Holdem and the game people normally play. In normal Texas Holdem, people decide how many cards are dealt, and when the game is over. Not so in Godís Texas Holdem. Thatís why itís called Godís Texas Holdem.

God has allotted every player in the game exactly the number of chips God chose to give them, no more and no less.

The players at the table (remember when I say ďevery personď I mean all of us--every person who is living now or who has ever lived in space and time) can be divided into two categories: those in the game and those who have gotten out of the game but are still watching the cards.

The remaining players at the table can be further subdivided into those who are all in--have bet all the chips God gave them--and those who have so many chips that every card after the flop requires them to decide whether to bet or check. If anyone else at the table bets, those with chips remaining have to decide whether to stay in the game or fold and watch the remainder of the cards get turned by the dealer, by God. Those who are all in donít have to decide what to do, because, well, theyíre all in.

I learned about Godís Texas Holdem because I went all in. I had played the game all my life but I never understood it until I went all in. Then I finally got the game in focus.

Itís a much easier game to play--Godís Texas Holdem--for those who have gone all in. In fact I doubt very much whether anyone who has not gone all in can understand Godís Texas Holdem, can even understand that they are playing Godís Texas Holdem at all. Even though they are watching every card being turned, and even though they are agonizing over every decision they have to make when every card falls, people who are not all in simply get so focused on deciding what to do after the latest card is dealt--whether to check, or bet, or call if someone else bets--that they simply canít get the game they are playing in focus.

But for those who are all in this game, I can say without the slightest chance of contradiction, that itís an amazingly delightful game, Godís Texas Holdem.



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